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December 25, 2011: Christmas Day

There is always a lot of talk about how crass and commercial Christmas has become. It is quite sad – people do equate this holiday with consumerism, and (some) spend way too much money and time buying things for themselves and others.

We had a wonderful time here on the home front. I received a waterproof monocular for Christmas – I’ve been wanting one for years. And I gave Pete a book about living off the grid. In both instances, it was the thought that counted. Neither of us spent hours on end in stores, agonizing about our purchases.

Pete and I later got horses out – it was quiet, still, the snow was falling gently on the already laden trees. We first took

Merry Christmas

Signy and Siggi for a lengthy ride. They seemed to us be energized by the beauty of the day. Then I got Raudi out. I used to be of the mind that I, an inexperienced horse person, was not doing her justice, and that someone with more horse training experience should own her. On this particular ride, for the first time ever, I began thinking differently. It was an amazing ride, one in which Raudi did as I asked – walked, trotted, and cantered nicely, throwing in a few steps of tolt. Yes, she would now know more if she was owned by a professional trainer. But at the same time, we are both enjoying figuring out things together.

Carol (a friend) appeared as I was tacking up Tinni. I had her get on him, and I walked as she rode. Tinni was quite content, walking along as we talked about various things. One of the many good things about Tinni is that I can put anyone on him, and he will rise to the occasion.

We had dinner with Carol – she made a cheesecake and chowder. We contributed salmon, potatoes, and a salad. It was a quiet evening – we played a card game, and after, read and discussed poetry.

So, in some respects, it could be said that this day was like many days around here; that is, it was quiet and uneventful. And for this, I was and remain grateful.

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