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December 23, 2011: Big Plows and Little Plows

I return home to Alaska from Oregon, to find that more snow has fallen in my absence. My sister Eleanor said in passing that it didn’t feel like Christmas where she is, because there is no snow in Portland, where she lives. I said that it did feel like the holidays at night, because of all the bright lights.

Now here we have lots of snow, but no lights. I wish I could send her half of what we have. That would be equitable.

We both grew up in Rochester, NY, and of course we recall having both snow and lights. I wonder if people who grow up in Florida think the way we do.


Pete in our Small plow
Pete in our Small plow

We got all the horses out this a.m., before the snowplow came through. I have now learned that it’s best to do it this way since otherwise, I will not be able to ride. The machines are just too big.

The neighbors were plowing out today. First, when riding Tinni, I encountered Ray, who I managed to pass when he was taking a breather. Then, when riding Signy, I encountered Pancho, who waited for me to go by. Then, when I was riding Raudi, and Pete was riding Siggi, we encountered Jim. This is worthy of further elaboration. Jim, a ways ahead of us, stopped his blue truck, and climbed onto the roof, where he was brushing it off. We approached slowly—Siggi takes such things as a matter of course, but Raudi tends to be a bit more cautious. Jim got off his truck and then pointed out to us that the big plow had left snow where he usually puts his driveway snow.

I of course empathized. It would be nice if the big plow guys were a little more considerate. But that isn’t always the case.

Raudi stood still through Jim’s monologue. Siggi, who was bored, attempted to sample Jim’s broom. I finally got off her, and started walking down the road. The sun was shining—the first time in days—and the snow clung to the spruce trees. Pete then followed, and we made our way home.

Rumor has it that more snow is on the way. I like it, just so long as I can beat the big plow.

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