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May 14, 2012: Wonderfoal

Our friend Mariann Stoffel said that we have a wonderfoal – and now, a week after Hrimmi’s birth, I’ve finally conceded that she’s correct. Hrimmi is a strong, healthy, and physically flawless specimen. The added bonus is that she has all the markings. I’ve never before been a big fan of pinto coloring, but this suits her just fine.

Yesterday morning Pete and I took Hrimmi for a mile walk around the loop. The wonderfoal then got her first look at the terminal landscape. Nothing seemed to phase here – she raced around, bucking, kicking, and stopping every so often to get a snack at the dairy bar. After, she’d stand there, with milk dripping off her whiskered chin.

This morning we took Hrimmi for a walk up Jim’s road, a residential trail/road that goes uphill about a half-mile and then dead ends. It also leads to a trail system, but as Pete and discovered last night while riding Raudi and Siggi, it’s still a bit muddy.

Today, Hrimmi had to negotiate mud and snow patches and as well, cross over a water filled creek. She had no problems

with any of this, and seemed to enjoy herself, as did Signy, Rainbow, and Jenna. It occurred to me that what I’m doing now isn’t all the different than what I was doing a few weeks ago, which is hand walking Signy. The one difference is that Hrimmi is no longer sitting in the back seat, wondering if and when the light is going to change.

What a great day to begin the day. The animals are getting exercise, and so are we. I also like our rather somewhat unusual method of foal training. We’re relying heavily on the fact that Hrimmi has imprinted on Signy, and will cede to her better judgment. And Signy (fortunately) is a wise mare who has been many places and had many foals. Hrimmi is also starting to see those things that she’ll see when she’s a trail horse. When she’s four, I’ll just hop on her back and go. She’s also getting much needed exercise.

If we had more land, and lived further south, mare and foal would now be out in a lush green pasture. This is the second best alternative.

We’ll later put Signy and Hrimmi in the large paddock, and again put Tinni in with the pair. It’s seeming like a good time to do this – Signy is now more relaxed and Tinni has properly introduced himself to Hrimmi.

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