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May 2, 2013: A Year Later

Well, a year ago today, Pete and I set off on a most amazing adventure, one in which we drove to Aguilar, Colorado, picked up a loaner pack horse, and then headed north. We concluded the pack horse portion of our trip at the base of the Vail, Colorado ski slopes on July 15, 2012. It was a wonderful adventure with no mishaps. I’m constantly replaying portions of it in my head.

I’d hoped to pick up where we left off today, and am disappointed that this isn’t to be. But it’s like this. Sometimes our lives go off in unexpected directions. And when this happens, you gotta be flexible and accepting of the unforeseen. It’s that unexpected element of surprise that makes life worth living. I would not have it any other way.

Jenna was left behind
Jenna was left behind

We are not doing Part II for a variety of reasons, the primary one being that Pete didn’t get a sabbatical. And too, we unknowingly came home with four, as opposed to three horses. As it turns out, Hrimfari was in utero. The day before our arrival at Andrea Brodie’s place, Signy got into the stallion pasture and was impregnated. The sire is either Prudar or Skor – we do not yet know which one it is. We hope its Prudar, who’s a proven sire and competition horse.

So here we are, waiting for Signy to pop. Pete and I have both been getting up at regular intervals during the night and checking in on her – unobtrusively of course. My theory is that she and Hrimfari are biding their time – and why not? Both are enjoying the preferential treatment and good care.

I’m no longer worried about the foaling outcome. The foaling pen is now free of ice and snow, and the sun’s been shining brightly. Signy is getting as much hay as she will eat, but is not overweight. She now has a milk filled udder, and appears to be in good health. She’s alert, chipper, and her coat has a nice shine to it.

In the past few weeks Signy and I have bonded to the nth degree. I take her for a mile walk in the morning and early evening. Tinni, Ranger, Rover, Peaches, and Jenna come along, and all are enjoying themselves.

I am often asked if the foal has arrived yet – I tell people to keep checking in on the local dispatches. I suspect that once it’s here that people will ask me what we’re going to do with it. My answer is most likely going to be that the same rule will apply to him as it has with the others. If a better home materializes, he will go to that home. This is an easy thing to say because the animals have it pretty good here.

I’m jumping the gun by speculating about the future. We’ll see. God is my co-pilot. Step-by-step, one day at a time, inch-by-inch –

There but for the grace of dog go I . . . .

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