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December 12, 2011: Plow Time is Now Time

When it snows, I must time my rides in accordance with the plow truck schedule. I have a routine, and get out in the afternoons. The plow driver has no routine, and can pass by here, any time, day or night. I was late riding today—the snow slowed me down some. Had to move it. So I took off on Tinni at about 2p.m.

It was a good ride. He liked the footing, a four-inch, unplowed snow base. He moved quickly, and we tolted some. We came off Sybarite, onto Oceanview, and said hello to Kirby, who was climbing up on a snow berm, and down onto the road below. I stopped, could hear the beep, beep, beep of the plow truck, decided not

Plow Truck
Plow Truck

to tarry, and kept going. I estimated that it was over on Ridge Runner.

The question that I then had to consider was do I take Raudi out? I decided to wait a bit, and sure enough, Mr. Plow truck driver went past. I decided to wait a bit longer, and sure enough, he went past the other way. I next decided to saddle up Raudi, figuring that he’d make one more pass. Sure enough, he did. It was getting dusky, though I could see the sun setting; bright orange-pink light was coming through the lowest layer of cloud cover.

We took off in the direction of Samovar, doing the loop in the opposite direction this time. Dang, I got past Kirby’s and there it comes, around the corner, The Plow, bright lights a flashing, eep, eep, eep. I quickly got off Raudi, and made for Kirby’s driveway. Mr. plow truck driver did not slow down. Raudi was of course, beside herself with all this. He passed, and we headed out the driveway. I tripped, Raudi got away, and ran behind the plow, in the direction of home.

I yelled “Raudi, stand!” and she stopped. We’d actually been working on this a few days before, with the clicker. I wished I had a treat, but I didn’t. Instead, I gave her a wither scratch.

We began walking back the other way, past Kirby’s, and when we got to Samovar, I got back on her. My thinking was that our going back would in the future, give her permission to return, should we have another close encounter of the plow kind. It was a good ride. She walked, trotted, and cantered when asked. The footing was now of course different, because the plow had taken the snow down to the ice.

It was dusk when we got to the turn back onto Oceanview. I got off and walked the final downhill stretch, and worked with Raudi on whoa, walk, and stand. Amazingly, we weren’t home for more than five minutes when Mr. plow truck driver went by again, this time at a fairly good clip.

I’d wrongly assumed that he was done the second time we’d set out. I’m glad we got home when we did.

It’s a mystery to me why Mr. plow truck driver has to make so many passes on our road. I hate having to plan my riding day around this.

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