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April 05, 2012: Foal Watch III

I came home last night and checked on Signy, who I put in the foal stall before heading to photography class. I felt her udder and noticed a slight difference. Yep, she’s starting to bag. I am relieved – the prospect of having a foal born and there being no colostrum on hand is a scary preposition.

And this morning she was just a little bit fuller. Having to deal with the ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with having a pregnant horse has (thus far) been good for me. Up until today, I’d been majorly stressed about what could go wrong. I took her for a walk with Tinni after breakfast, and I was struck by the fact that Signy’s life’s work has centered

Signy in Vail
Signy in Vail

around being a broodmare. Signy is not a competition horse, but she is trail savvy. We could not have done better last summer. She’s an incredible pack horse.

I have my fingers crossed that we’ll get another one just like her. If I could put in an order, it would be for a bay filly with her dam’s disposition and build.

This will be Signy’s last foal. She’s 16, and has produced her rightful share of offspring. I would like to continue to ride her, and to use her as a pack animal. It would be nice if she could accompany Pete and me on a trip next summer.

In the meantime, foal watch continues. Later today I’ll clean Signy’s udder area with Excalibur, do some body work, and give her a good brushing.

Ongoing herd dynamics remain a primary consideration. Raudi is in a dither – I do not know why this is. Could be an upcoming full moon, the pen rearrangement, or the odor of pregnancy hormones. It’s hard to say.

Tinni and Siggi seem not to care. I’m considering having friends take Tinni on for the summer. He would go to a place where he’d be doted on by a nine-year old girl, who badly wants a horse of her own. This way, he could also do what he does best, which is to continue to be a good teacher.

Right now, I’m feeling optimistic about most things, including our horse situation. The fact that summer is fast approaching is also lending itself to what now, on my part, is a more upbeat attitude.

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