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April 4, 2012: Foal Watch II

As I noted yesterday, Dr. Wellington didn’t venture to estimate when Signy might foal. Probably a good idea – I once read that the only thing that’s predictable about a pregnant mare is her unpredictability. But dang, I now feel Hrimfari moving around when I put my hands on her sides.

We built the foaling stall yesterday evening. I swept the stall floor, which consists of rubber mats and made a comfy wheat straw bed for Signy. I also shoveled the snow which was blocking the rear trailer doors – Pete put hay in

the trailer, and then screwed plywood to the board and batten covered walls and doors.

We also put a gate between the pen and the shelter overhang area, and 2 x 6’s on the shelter overhang posts. It’s now a second pen area. Siggi and Tinni (who spar when bored) will alternate spending time in it.

Signy spent the night in the foaling shed, Tinni spent the night in the shelter overhang pen, and Raudi and Siggi spent the night in the open pen. I got up really early to check on everyone – they were all just fine.

I now feel like I can leave our place for extended periods of time and not have to worry about the other horses bothering Signy should she foal in the middle of the day. This is a relief.

We are now almost set for the Big Event. The foaling kit is on hand, and we have Mare’s Match, should Hrimfari need a milk replacer. The last item – colostrum – we might also have this taken care of. My friend Anne Corinne has bovine colostrum – the question is, will this work? I left a message for Dr. Wellington and I now have my fingers crossed. If it does, we’ll be set. If it does not, we’ll have to resume the search.

I’m now cautiously optimistic that Hrimfari will come into this world healthy and strong, and grow up to be like his mother – big, strong, and steady on his feet.

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