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March 20, 2012: Sporty

This morning I came up with yet another word/image relationship. The words in the image are often those of the person in the photo. A while back, the Sunday New York Times Magazine had a back page section entitled “What they were thinking.” It contained a photo in a clearly recognizable setting. I remember one of a kid bowling. The subject then provided self-commentary, saying something about what they were thinking at that near instant in time.

This section replaced the essay page. The editors must have thought that the

image combined with words would be more popular than just a print essay. My juxtaposing the two makes the similarities and differences between the two forms more apparent. Both feature a first-person narrator who reflects upon their given experience. However, the essay takes longer to read than does the photo.

Was just as much being said in one as the other? Dunno. However, I’ve finally conceded that we’ve become a more visual society, which is why I’m exploring the interrelationship inherent to both.

My photo – my story. Attached, a picture of my feet. If I didn’t say they were mine, they might very well be someone else’s. But indeed, they are mine. This photo was harder to take than you might think. The light was streaming in the kitchen window, and there were all kinds of shadows on the new tile floor. I had to move around a lot to get the photo just right. I had to squat and lean backwards, so that my body shadow didn’t get in the way of my jeans.

The ISO was 100, the shutter speed was1/125ths of a second, and the aperture setting was F/13.

I’d previously decided to take a photo of something very ordinary. But a great deal can be said of my feet. I like moving quickly, and for this reason value light footwear. I got these shoes at REI a few months ago, found them in the discount area. The attached tag read “didn’t fit.”

I tried them on. I have bunions, so I need a large toe box. I also have narrow heels, so I need a narrow heel. These fit. I deliberated some before buying them because I had a perfectly good pair of new running shoes. But I finally decided that having these would save wear and tear on my more expensive running shoes. They were also half price.

What (admittedly) really attracted me to these shoes were the laces. They make me look sporty. Sporty. This is a word that my father often used to describe my appearance. Yes, I like dressing in a sporty fashion.

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