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Dispatch #8, Monday, May 9: Caroline, AB to Lethbridge, AB:
Other Horse People

The Lethbridge Agriplex wasn’t as fancy or as large as the one at Dawson Creek.  But I sure liked the feel of this place.  The horse people were accommodating, friendly, and curious about what we were up to.

In the evening one couple came over to visit, and we talked with them about our trip thus far.  They found it hard to believe that we were doing a trek on such physically small animals.  (Raudi is 13”2 and Siggi is 14 hands.)

I explained to them that the weight carrying capacity of horses is determined by the width of their loins (lower back muscles) and the circumference of their

canon bones.  Raudi obliged, and stood still while I pointed out what I was talking about.

In the morning, I walked over to a nearby arena and struck up a conversation with two women who were working their horses.

I mostly spoke with the one who was riding a tall chestnut mare. She told me that previously the horse repeatedly bolted with her.  However, the problem went away after a chiropractor did adjustments in the poll area. 
In both instances the information exchange was insightful and informative.