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Dispatch #7, Sunday, May 8: Dawson Creek, BC, to Caroline, Alberta: Subdivision Find

Today, considerable highway travel, broken up by an end-of-the-day drive down a background, Rte 22. The land here is privately owned, rolling pastureland with horses and cows. Lots of trailers coming from the opposite direction, which gave us hope that we’d find suitable lodging.

I purchased a leather backrest for my saddle from a very large tack shop. I hope that this will make it so that it fits me better. We found a place to stay by accident. We were driving down a subdivision road in hopes of finding a restroom. Pete made a few turns, and there it was, a fairgrounds.

No one was around. We put the horses

in a small corral that was somewhat larger than our portable fence. This was after I cleaned it out. I found all kinds of stuff including a crushed beer can, a shard of glass, and a nail tied to a string. I removed these items along with old, moldy hay.

I’m continually moved by Pete’s high degree of concern for the animals. He stops often and drives carefully. And he immediately opens the trailer windows when we pull into rest areas and gas stations. And before going to bed, he always looks to see that they have enough hay and water.