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Dispatch #6, Saturday, May 7: Fort Nelson, BC to Dawson Creek, BC: Road Time

This morning I saddled up Raudi and rode her in the arena. She was okay with the new Len Brown saddle; however, it is too large in the butt for me. Len Brown must think I have a lard ass.

Rainbow is still panting heavily. Something is really amiss, but we aren’t sure what.

We’ve been spending driving time listening to a book on tape, E.L. Doctorow’s Homer and Langley. Homer blind, Langley deranged, the pair become shut-ins. Langley is a hoarder, and so the house becomes increasingly more full of junk. A very sad story with an even sadder ending. Homer’s sitting

at his typewriter, and feels the house shake. The reader is to infer that Langley has been caught up in a booby trap that he has set to snare intruders.

We’d learned beforehand that Dawson Creek, British Columbia had a rodeo grounds, so finding this place was no surprise. There are two horse boarding facilities. The first, a more upscale sports multiplex facility, has a large heated arena, complete with a wash area. The stalled horses, which are up to their knees in sawdust, are blanketed. (This way, their coats will be shorter come show season.) The second, a more downscale corral area, has an unheated arena. The horses here aren’t wearing blankets, although a few sport fly masks.

We ventured into the more upscale area, and listened to a fellow from England talk to a couple of people about saddle fit. Behind him were a row of saddles. None cost under $2,000. He paid us little mind, and no wonder, we did look a bit ragtag. We housed Siggi and Raudi in the downscale area. For us, there are bathrooms and showers. In fact, tonight I had the best trip shower yet.