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Dispatch #13 May 13: Meet Andrea

Dispatch, May 14, 2011: Meeting Andrea and Sygny
After many months of planning, we converged on Andrea’s Brodie’s place. “We” includes me, Pete, Rainbow, Pete’s brother Pat, and of course, Siggi and Raudi.  Good timing, Pat got here an hour before we did.  We immediately unloaded Raudi and Siggi, and released the two out in a large pasture. Unbeknownst to all, tears came to my eyes when we did this; time in a large pasture was my second life-long promise to our two horses. The first promise was that I would never separate the two. And so, it was with great joy that I watched the two run off into the distance, with no cares in the world.
Andrea next introduced us to Sygny “the Beast.”  She remarked that she’s often hard to catch, though she does like peanut shells. I replied that we’ll make a good match since I like peanuts.  We finally managed to catch her. She proved to be both fearless and easy to work with.  We next put her on a highline and since she’s been quite content.

Andrea has 14 Icelandic horses and 166 acres.  They all have a lot of room to roam around, which does my soul good to see.

Last night Andrea, Pete, Pat, and I poured over the Colorado portion of our route.  And today we went for a drive and checked out the first portion of our route. There are two Spanish Peaks; we’ll ride up the west one, in the direction of Cuchara.  Signy will be shod on Wednesday and we’ll leave Andrea’s place on Thursday morning.

On the return portion of our exploratory drive, we stopped at a second hand store and picked up cowboy hats.  To which I say, yeee haw.