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Dispatch #12, Friday, May 13: Fort Collins, CO to Gulnare, CO: Arriving at Base Camp—Lough Arrow Icelandics

Pete’s birthday is today. We spent the night behind a closed agriplex. We first considered putting the horses in cow pens, but decided against it when we saw the knee-deep manure. We found a somewhat large corral on the far side of the building, and shared parking space with some people who were there for an agility dog conference. The corral was muddy and Siggi and Raudi spent considerable time walking around the edges. Overcast and cold, we slept in the truck bed.

We arrived at Andrea Brodie’s place in the late afternoon—this after a long drive on I-25 through Denver. Gosh, it was even heavily trafficked at mid-day.

We’d done a good job route planning—we’d bypassed Calgary and Edmonton, and therefore we had not had to deal with much traffic. What we did have to deal with in Denver was a bit over the top: our creeping along at a snail’s place for three hours.

Finding Andrea’s was a bit tricky—we first drove up two dirt roads, none of which corresponded with the directions of a nearby restaurant owner. We returned in order to get more specifics, and as we were entering the building, we saw Andrea walking alongside Pat, Pete’s brother. Pat had come from Ojai, CA to give us an assist. He’ll drive the trailer until we and the horses get used to life on the trail.

On the way up to Andrea’s, (which required us to go through several gates) we caught sight of her herd –her two stallions and geldings are kept in one large pasture and the mares are kept in another. Signy was up near her cabin. My first impression was that the bay mare was a bit on the skittish side. But looking at her, I got the sense that the strong, well muscled individual will be a good pack horse. We released Raudi and Siggi into a pasture and they both ran off in order to check the place out. After a bit, they settled down and began grazing.