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April 8, 2022: Truly Under the Weather

It isn’t coincidental, that one’s mood corresponds with the weather. It’s easier when the sun’s shining to be upbeat. Conversely, it is easier, when it’s overcast to be downbeat. Today seems to be an example of the latter.

Overcast, snow, rain mix, temperatures in the 30s. This sort of weather doesn’t make one want to kick up their heels and jump for joy. If there is any consolation, the ice on the road has melted. Mud is just fine because there is little chance one will slip, and like a friend of mind, break their wrist


My energy level is up because I am no longer fretting about having my fractured tooth pulled. This weighed heavily on me for five years or thereabouts. However, I am in a dour mood.

This morning my friend Bea and I returned to the Palmer Senior Center and passed bookmarks and articles out to the Lions. Good energy in the dining area where they were meeting. Good to see so many likeminded people, with the intent of helping others, together.

Would I become a member of this organization? Most likely not. I have no interest in becoming one of the pride. This is because I would have a hard time buying into singing the national anthem and saying the pledge of allegiance. My attempts to explain this to members of this or other fraternal organizations, the Moose, Elk, or Kiwanis would, I am sure, not go over well.

I next ventured over to the Church of the Covenant/Meeting House where about a dozen women were busy cleaning, in an attempt to get ready for Palm Sunday service. I had considered giving a hand, but I immediately felt like an outsider. I am not a church goer. I feel the same way about organized religion as I do about fraternal organizations.

I am hypocritical. I often pray to a God who does not exist. The other day I attempted to explain to a woman that the Church of the Covenant is nondenominational, to which she wrinkled her brows. I then further explained that, for example, Mother Nature is my deity. She then said to me, “well, God created Mother Nature.”

I agreed with her, just to get off that particular line of conversation. Having since given the matter more thought, I realized that some can’t think outside the religious box. I should have said to that woman that what she was saying was reverse logic, that perhaps Mother Nature created God.

Fraternal and religious organizations both require one to march in lockstep, which is something I cannot do. I can for a bit, skip alongside, but this is best done on a day when the weather’s good.

I was informed when at the Meeting House that I again had to reduce my footprint. It can now be no smaller. I am not now sure what’s going to become of this project. I’m thinking, it was fun while it lasted.

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