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April 7, 2022: Spring, Bring it On

Lately we’ve had consistently warm temperatures and sunshine. It is as if Mother Nature decided that the best of us had enough. Evidence of this past winter remains – the tree limbs in many places are bent over, this happened when we had the ice storm. And the snow berm is still pretty high because of the large amounts of snow we got after the wind storm.

I took a look at the hoop house today. The plastic ripped – it’s filled with snow. Pete says he’s going to attempt to repair the plastic. He said he could fix it using duct tape and baling twine. I told him that he should just buy new plastic. He’ll probably go the duct tape and plastic route.

Delivery of library cart for Senior Center

The animal gates held up through the winter, so no baling twine yet. The time will come, I am sure. This is the fate of all places that have livestock.

I went to town; had planned to stop in at the Palmer Senior Center. I discovered that the state Lions Club members were having a three-day convention. Immediately, when I saw them in their yellow vests, I was reminded of the Back Country Horsemen, who wore green vests. Both organizations seemed to me to have that fraternal edge to them.

I was, when I entered the room, shadowed by the bean counter who seems to watch my every move. I make her uneasy. She just can’t figure me out.

I located Amy Postma who is an Anchorage Lion and she introduced me to the head Lion who put me on the speaking schedule. I recruited my friend Bea, and this is how we found ourselves, very early on in the Lion schedule, addressing those assembled in the den.

I was ill prepared for this. I gave a very quick speech because I was concerned about honoring the fact that I had five minutes of allotted time.

I then turned the floor over to Bea (what a strange expression, turn the floor over to someone), and she filled in the blanks and talked some about the connection between reading and the Lions collecting and distributing eyewear.

As Bea spoke it occurred to me that the BLBP has come a long ways in a short period of time. I really liked what Bea added, which was that we are a young organization, and just a month ago got our 501(c)3. The term she used was nascent. I think it means up and coming.

I’d say that we were quite successful and got our message across. I felt like the audience was very attentive, perhaps because it was early in the program and we had their full attention.

We left without having given out any information about the Bright Lights Book Project. So tomorrow I will return with fliers in hand and work the crowd.

After, I assisted Pete in moving the books going to Barrow out of the Meeting House and into an adjacent garage. Originally, we were to move the books tomorrow, but this has been postponed until next week. A good thing, to do such a major project in small increments.

I’m hoping the weather holds. It seems to have brought about the return of the long-lost spring in my step.

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