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April 5, 2022: Snow, again

Woke up to snow this morning. Glad it wasn’t rain. A few degrees warmer and it would have been a sodden mess. It was just a squall, not a full-blown storm. The first snow, everyone is very excited. The last snow (hopefully), no one is excited. The common refrain is “oh, it’s snowing.”

I drove in it, realized that DGNPNY is not what I should be driving in inclement weather. The side view mirrors are made of some kind of plastic sheeting, the windshield wipers get stuck, and the material on the roof behind me has partially come loose. I also don’t have a horn.


On such days I’m just extra careful.

Gotta do something about this, and soon.

My options right now are threefold. Wait until I get an inheritance check, and if it is large enough, get a new vehicle. This is the most sane option. Buy Jim’s Subaru when it becomes available. The one drawback that I can see is that it has a lot of miles. Buy Robert’s SAAB, which is in much better shape. Problem is, the accelerator is (I am told) sticky and takes a heavy foot, and this vehicle is a sports car and has a lot of power. It also has more miles on its engine than does DGNPNY.

It's up to me. I need to do something. Once again, as with the SAAB, I feel like I am again playing with fire.

I have not taken action because I have so many other things to think about. Today, for example, was a very busy day. I distributed some books, then after getting gas, stopped on a whim at the Senior Center.

I was there a few weeks back and got a chilly reception. The difference today was like night and day. The bean counter, who before was downright hostile, was actually almost friendly. I had to negotiate getting a table for the books, as well as a place to put it. I did not find out where my newspaper box with the gardening books went, I guess it’s a loss.

My library cart, nearly empty, was in its usual place. The seniors were all glad to see me, so I guess I’ll resume bringing books there.

I went from the Palmer Senior Center to the Meeting House and there gave an assist to the other volunteers; today, the three cleaned and sorted numerous children and young adult books.

My mind of course remains on book logistics. My hopes rise high and then they get dashed. This happens a lot. Now I am hoping that the Palmer Food Bank headquarters will become available. The current Palmer Food Bank site is ideal for us. The question is going to be, are there other occupants now ready to move in when the current staff moves the inventory out?

We now do have a garage to use, so I can begin stockpiling books for summer events and for the fall, when we get the bookcases in the schools in place.

It’s all a lot to think about. I think less if I write things down first.

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