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April 3, 2022: Onward and Upward: A Conversation with Tyra

Alys: Well Tyra, we are going on another ride.
Tyra: And Pete is going to ride me?
A: Yes.
T: And you are riding Raudi?
A: Yes.
T: How come you aren’t riding me?
A: Because yesterday I rode you. I’m switching around.
T: So you will ride me tomorrow?
A: Perhaps. I will see how you all are feeling tomorrow after Zach’s visit.
T: Zach the veterinarian?
A: Yes.
T: What’s he going to do?
A: The usual, vaccinations, dental work, general exam stuff.

Zach floating Tyra's teeth

T: And EIAs?
A: Most likely not.
T: So this means that we won’t be going on a long trip this summer.
A: Nope.
T: I am majorly disappointed. I enjoyed the one trip we went on.
A: I am even more disappointed than you are.
T: This is hard to imagine.
A: Same here.
T: Maybe next year?
A: Maybe.
T: In the meantime?
A: In the meantime, it’s spring. The days are longer, and the snow is melting.
T: Yes. And we are all shedding.
A: And the magpies are taking hair on the ground for their nests.
T: The two are a very happy couple. They seldom stray far from one another.
A: Do you know how they met?
T: They were just two birds passing in the night.
A: How romantic.
T: Speaking of which, I heard you telling Raudi that you wished you could breed all three of us mares. What’s the holdup?
A: Space. Six ponies in one enclosure would be a bit much.
T: But we are all small.
A: No, there would not be enough room.
T: I suppose it would take a bit of money in order to get a place with room.
A: You are a very perceptive mare.
T: That was not hard to figure out.
A: Did you enjoy yesterday and today’s outings?
T: Yes, I did. Like Raudi and Hrimmi, I am feeling really good.
A: Well, we’ll see about doing some rides here in Alaska.
T: Yes, I’d like to go for a ride elsewhere.
A: Me too.
T: So tomorrow . . .
A: Yes?
T: Will there be time for a ride after Zach leaves?
A: There may be time for a ride, but you all are going to be sedated, so I suspect you’ll get the day off.
T: Maybe he’ll just administer vaccines.
A: Maybe. But Pete said that Zach told him that he was, “going to do it all.”
T: Oh oh.
A: You are all in good health, so this won’t take long.
T: And Zach is a very gentle and kind soul.
A: The best.
T: Is that little girl going to come here and ride me?
A: You mean Sersha?
T: Yes.
A: That’s the plan. Would you like to be a lesson horse?
T: No.
A: What sports would you like to compete in?
T: Soccer, track and field, flag football.
A: No jumping?
T: No. Just team sports for me.
A: I will see what I can do.
T: You do that.

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