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March 27, 2022: A Conversation with Hrimfara

This conversation took place on an outing around the neighborhood loop.

Alys: Hrimmi, well it/s another overcast day.
Hrimmi: Tyra says it’s dreary. What does this mean?
A: It means overcast.
H: The sun did shine briefly this morning.
A: Briefly. It rose up behind the mountains, then disappeared behind the clouds.
H: The sun does this often.
A: I took the other three out. The road is an ice sheet. We need to be careful.

Hrimmi on the bench with Siggi and Signy

H: I have ice shoes.
A: And I have cleats on my boots.
H: Well, then we should be okay.
A: Do you know when you do and don’t have ice shoes on?
H: Yes, the ice shoes are heavy on my feet.
A: Five weeks from now and we’ll have them removed.
H: Do you think that the ice will be melted by then?
A: Yes. I remember the year you were born. There was ice in your shelter area until the day before you arrived.
H: I seem to remember that there were patches of snow here and there.
A: Yes. That was in early May.
H: And you and Pete immediately began taking Signy and me for lengthy walks.
A: Yes. And we took you up to the top of the bench when you were just a few weeks old.
H: And Mr. Siggi came along.
A: And there was hardly any grass, so we didn’t stay up there long.
H: It was grassy a few weeks later.
A: You were then still nursing and not all that interested yet in eating greens.
H: My one complaint about living here is that we don’t get to graze year around.
A: Well, a lot of those places with grass year around are more susceptible to fires than those that are not.
H: Do you think that we’ll ever have a fire here?
A: Most likely not.
H: Why not?
A: Because we are surrounded by birch. There are some spruce but not enough to make a difference.
H: Are you still worried about there being enough hay?
A: No. But what’s available is going to be costly.
H: Tyra wants to know if you’ll be able to afford it.
A: Yes.
H: So we aren’t going on a trip this summer.
A: No, there’s too much that needs doing around here.
H: And there’s Tinni.
A: Yes, I won’t go anywhere unless I was assured that his keeper would take him for daily walks.
H: You’d think that you’d easily find someone who’d take on that job. He’s a wonderful fellow.
A: I would have him out with you and Tyra and Raudi, but he is afraid of Tyra.
H: He also really enjoys having his own shelter area.
A: Did he tell you this?
H: Yes. He makes his wants and needs known.
A: Look out – here’s a slick area.
H: No problem. Look. I can move sideways.
A: Very impressive.
H: Thank you for taking us all for a walk today.
A: You are quite welcome.

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