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Friday March 25, 2022: There’s No Place Like Home

This is a cliched phrase; however, I hope that it is for most, as it is for me, a truism. It was a long winter, and so I did at least temporarily lose my appreciation for our place. This evening, I regained it.

I had a basis for comparison and briefly got a glimpse of the other side.

I was in Anchorage all day, at the Alaska Airlines/UAA sports center, the same place I was a week ago. It was truly another instance of déjà vu all over again in that the minute I entered the building, I wanted to turn tail and run.

A&P Main Cabin

Once again, I assisted Milena and her friend Sarah with the distribution of First Wave books. And once again, it was a two-person job with three people who hate being idle attempting to keep busy. And once again, it was noisy and crowded.

I felt as I felt just a few times in my life; very anxious, in this instance because it was a nice day and I was inside. I just wanted to be with my horses. I kept telling myself that this is the last time I am going, under the guise of being helpful, to take on a task like this.

I did momentarily keep myself busy. I went and watched portions of two women’s basketball games, and I was very impressed with their ball handling skills as well as their grace and fluidity. I also found myself wondering if any of them were aware that there was a time in which only men were allowed to play basketball competitively.

I seem to recall that in my past, I covered basketball games for weekly newspapers and that women played just half-court basketball. They also didn’t seem as practiced as they do now. How amazing, for women to come so far in this sport such a short period of time.

I also escaped the noise (a dull roar punctuated by the sounds of whistles, announcer staccato, and cheering) by going upstairs and hanging out in the vendor area for a while. It was very quiet up there.

Parents and kids were again grateful to get books. The catch was for me that these were not used Bright Lights Books, but rather, new First Wave Books. It would have been less a waste of my time if I had my own table.

After the day was done, Milena and I went back to the TOTE warehouse and boxed up more books. I took four boxes, which I am going to pass on tomorrow to a fellow who will be picking up books at the Meeting House – they are going to the McLaughlin House in Anchorage. I have plenty of books there for him too. And tomorrow morning I might go to U-Haul and find some more books.

Today I wondered why I am keeping the book project going. Maybe answers will materialize in the next few days.

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