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March 20, 2022: A Conversation with Tyra

Alys: Tyra, what do you think of this weather?
Tyra: Lovely, just lovely.
A: And now you have lots of branches to chew on.
T: Yes, Pete gave us the branches he cut down that landed on top of the trailer during the windstorm.
A: Yes.
T: Do you think that spring is really here?
A: There’s no telling.
T: Well Mr. and Mrs. Magpie were here a short while ago, picking up lose hair at the hitching area.
A: Yes, I saw them.

Alys and Tyra head out for a ride

T: I’m so glad that Mr. Magpie found a mate. He was at loose ends a month ago.
A: Isn’t it amazing, how birds find mates. I mean, what were the odds of a male magpie and a female magpie meeting up with one another out here, in the middle of nowhere?
T: I’d say pretty slim.
A: Did the Mr. and Mrs. have any news?
T: Not today.
A: Are they your main news source?
T: Goodness no. Every so often they come up with a bit a local news, but not much because they don’t range far. The ones with good local news are the ravens – they tend to range a bit further afield.
A: What about grouse?
T: They are stupid, stupid birds.
A: And the migratory birds?
T: A good source of state and national news.
A: Do the robins provide much information?
T: Some.
A: How about the geese?
T: They don’t say anything directly because they’re so intent on going from Point A to Point B. You just have to listen closely to them as they fly overhead. They talk a lot to one another.
A: So, did a bird tell you about Jim?
T: Yes.
A: What was it?
T: A raven.
A: And what did the raven have to say?
T: He told me that it had been really quiet around Jim’s place for a few days. Then someone came to check on him, opened and closed the door. The raven then suspected that Jim was dead. He knew for sure when other people showed up and then removed the body.
A: And how did the raven feel about this?
T: The bird felt bad because Jim had a great deal of respect for ravens. But he also said that this year, Jim won’t be around to chase birds away from his raspberry patches.
A: How is it that you are able to communicate with birds and the rest of us are not?
T: I am a better listener than most. Birds don’t really care what other animals have to say, but gosh, they sure love to talk.
A: True. Might I communicate with ravens?
T: This would be a good start. They don’t shut up.
A: What about my communicating with magpies?
T: Magpies are more reticent. But you’d have a jump on most people because the ones here know you.
A: And I leave the horsehair out for them.
T: And yes, this is most appreciated.

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