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March 19, 2022: At the End of this Particular Day

I have not slept well for several months. I think that there is an inverse relationship between not sleeping well and being tired at the day’s end. In other words, the more tired you are, the less likely you are to get a good night’s sleep.

I suspect that I have sleep apnea. I would be a good candidate for a mask. Problem is, we’d need to have electricity in order to run the oxygen machine. I also suspect that I’d do better if we got a new mattress; however, the old mattress, a futon, suits Pete just fine, so we most likely will get another ten years out of it.

Pete and Shadow doing agility

I did take care of what I thought was a major cause for a lack of sleep. I vacuumed and swept the upstairs, which was aswirl in dog dander and dog hairs. Dogs are amazingly dirty animals. Well, at least we don’t have to deal with chiggers.

My having an infected tooth might also be contributing to the problem. We’ll see in another week.

It could just be that I allow myself little time to relax. The daylight is returning, so I’ll be outside more. We could now be on the verge of breakup – or this could be another one of those false springs. Has happened before.

Today was in intimation of what the next month or two might be like. The temperatures were in the 40s, and it was sunny and windless. I shlepped three carloads of books from the U-Haul storage unit to the Meeting House.

I’m now dealing with seven pallets of books; I was previously dealing with three pallets. I learned from my mistakes. The last time numerous individuals pulled the boxes out of the storage unit, cherry picked them, then put the boxes back, sort of. I also attempted to sort out the books in the locker. This time I am taking them to the meeting house and am having the three volunteer sorters go through and categorize them.

So I moved these books while Pete and Bill sorted at the recycling center. They said that there were not many boxes of books today. And we are low on fiction – no surprise – I parted out 40 boxes to two correctional institutions.

Pete and I next headed to dog agility class. Shadow and Pete did really well in the last in a series of six classes. This is ironic – I was the one who was originally interested in agility. Now I’m an observer/handler. Well, we’ll just have to get a third dog so that I might compete against the home team.

On the way home, we checked out the industrial area for potential places in which to put a portable shelter. Didn’t see much of anything.

I distributed books before coming home. It is a bit disconcerting to see how quickly the books are going in the town bookcases. Who would have thunk it? And soon, the tourists will be in town. Should be a fun summer . . .

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