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March 12, 2022: A Conversation with Tinni

The following conversation took place tonight, as Tinni and I walked around the loop.

Tinni: The daylight is coming back.
Alys: Yes, it is. And tonight is daylight savings time.
T: What’s that?
A: We turn the hands on our clocks forward, so this gives us an extra hour of daylight in the evening.
T: This sounds nonsensical.
A: It is – it’s like cutting off the bottom end of the feedback and sewing it onto the top.
T: Why do you do this then?
A: I don’t know. I don’t think that it matters.
T: And some say humans are smarter than horses.
A: I never said this.
T: But you do think you are smarter than all of us.
A: No, I don’t. Sometimes I have to have my way and sometimes you have to have your way.
T: Yes, we do have you trained.
A: I would never deny this statement.
T: I am glad that the worst of winter is now behind us.
A: I agree with you. It was a tough winter.
T: The winds were scary, what with the branches snapping and breaking all around us

Tinni and Sassy

A: Yes, look at the trees by the side of the road. Some of the branches are bent over and some are broken.
T: And the berms by the side of the road are so high that I can’t even see over them.
A: Me neither.
T: And the road is slippery.
A: This is why you have ice shoes.
T: Why are you stopping here?
A: Just taking a moment to think.
T: About what?
A: This is where Jim lived.
T: Lived?
A: Yes, Jim was found dead yesterday afternoon.
T: Dead?
A: Yes, dead. By an acquaintance of Pete and mine.
T: His cable gate is up.
A: Kirby, you know the guy who has the black hair and beard who I talk to on occasion – he put it in place. And he locked the doors.
T: That man came over to our place a few times. He had a temper.
A: Yes, I remember the time his car broke down in our driveway and he got mad and started throwing his tools around.
T: Yes, Raudi and Siggi were scared – they’d never seen anyone act like that before.
A: Had you?
T: Yes, such behavior is common in Iceland.
A: Is this why you have a fear of humans holding sticks?
T: Yes.
A: We’re you ever hurt?
T: No.
A: Pretty scary though, eh?
T: Yes.
A: So anyways, Jim is no more.
T: And how are you feeling about this?
A: Somewhat sad?
T: Somewhat?
A: Well, right now I am not able to put into words how I feel. Maybe I will better understand and be able to articulate this in a few days.
T: Is this because Jim’s death was unexpected?
A: Yes. I can say this. We’ve had a very hard winter. It seems unfair to me that Jim didn’t get to have one for spring and summer.
T: Life is unfair, isn’t it?
A: Sometimes Tinni, sometimes.

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