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March 8, 2022: Yet another chapter in my dental history: all in lower case letters

Overcast, inside and outside today. Pete’s back has been hurting him since he came off the hoop house roof. Now he has a cold. Just one thing after another, on this, his spring break. It hardly seems fair. He goes, goes, goes, then crashes, then goes, goes, goes some more.

I had a dental appointment this afternoon. So as to not think about it, I focused on acquiring the yoga studio property. Tracy at the Mat-Su Health Foundation was very supportive and spent a lot of time conversing with Pete and me. When, finally, I got Pete on the phone, he told her the same things I’d told Tracy. Arrgh.

Our getting this place is now looking kind of iffy. The borough has to subdivide the property, and this sort of thing is generally the responsibility of the seller. I am dubious – I don’t think those selling this property are going to want to go through all this trouble. In fact, I think that they’ll take a loss rather than have to deal with all that’s involved in making the lot designated separation.

Bookcase at MSHF building

Thinking of this, I got extremely depressed and even considered closing up shop. It is both stressful and tiring, having just a small space to sort and categorize books in, and also knowing that as soon as the boiler is replaced that we’ll most likely have to move again.

My shoulder, which came off the wheel, returned to the wheel as this afternoon, we stocked a new bookcase, one located in Wasilla, in the Mat-Su Health Foundation building. Stocking is my favorite thing – and I made sure that we had a good selection of adult, young adult, and children’s books.

Just as I was finishing, a family with two little children started to walk by. I then told them that the books were free. One of the two kids then selected a book. This, I thought, is why I do this.

No, we have no guarantees that the child will read the book. But the fact that he left with the book in his hand meant that he owns it. And owning a book and subsequently reading it go hand-in-hand.

All this kept me preoccupied because for me today was a dental day of reckoning. I’ve put off going to the dentist and having my teeth worked on for as long as was humanly possible. I have no regrets; in fact, my only regret was that perhaps I could have waited a bit longer.

My dental history is now so checkered that I don’t recall what I’ve had done. I suppose if I spoke of it to others, it would come back to mind. The problem is, no one really is interested in listening to me go on and on about my past tooth tribulations. I do want to talk about this, but I know that I’d only bore people.

And so, to make a very long story very short, I will have surgery on March 28th then again in another four months. I’m glad to have some time before this has to be done – my dental motto is, put off today what you can do tomorrow.

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