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February 26, 2022: Whelmed

Whelmed. A state of being to be strived for. Overwhelmed, stressed out. Underwhelmed, bored. Don’t want to be either of the latter. Just want to be whelmed.

Today, admittedly, overwhelmed by the book project goings on. I found myself wondering if it’s always going to be this way. I think not, once we get long term storage for the books in Anchorage, Palmer, and Wasilla. Gulp. I want to remain in that ummmmm steady state.

My mantra, one day at a time, isn’t going to cut it because, as I said yesterday, chanting takes up time in which, ordinarily, I’d get project work done.

So, I figured something out when I was out walking the horses this morning. Feeling overwhelmed has to do with the fact that I see this project as being exclusively under my jurisdiction.

There are now others who are as invested in saving books as I am. These individuals include Pete who, without complaining, gives me an assist with just about everything; Milena, who seems to thrive on logistical challenges; Bill, who salvages and distributes books; and as well builds bookcases; Nan, who does a bit of everything; and Bea who is always willing to lend her editorial expertise.

This is an amazing assemblage of people, and I need to keep this in mind if I want to remain whelmed.

There are also going to be more individuals giving an assist in the near future – I just have to figure out how to delegate the various tasks. The thought of this puts me in the overwhelmed category.

Yes, I came to this realization today. I have not yet internalized it. But just considering it did make me more productive and feeling less paralytic, which has been my state of being the past few days.

I went to town after getting Tinni and Hrimmi out. As I was driving down the Glenn Highway, I came up behind a line of cars moving slowly. I peered out my windshield and saw, on my left, a young moose running down the road. The line of cars went more slowly as he began to tire. I really felt bad for the fellow – the berms are so high he had no place to go.

He finally slowed down, looked around, and considered another option, which was to do a 180 and head back in the direction he came.

I just wish the car right behind him had stopped at a side road, for then the moose might have taken a detour. Just an example here, of yet another really stupid human being.

This is what’s important – as this was going on, I was extremely calm. I was most definitely in a whelmed state.

It took a while, but once I finally got to the Meeting House, I grabbed some books for distribution. I parted company with three boxes books, then returned to the Meeting House where I cleaned the refrigerator.

I’m generally impatient in doing such tasks. But, being whelmed, it was not so onerous.

Something to strive for, being consistently whelmed.

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