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February 20, 2022: Two Months after the Solstice

Two months ago today was the winter solstice. Four months ago, we had the same amount of daylight that we had today. Then, the darkness was closing in on us. Now the opposite is happening.

The light, increasing now every day, means that spring is around the corner. We don’t know what corner, but there are only four corners in a box, so this analogy will suffice.

It’s snowing again. Yesterday I thought that we were going to get a run of sunny weather. I should have ridden the horses. I did not. Lesson learned – don’t assume at this time of year that one day of good weather means that another is going to follow.

Mares in the snow

We get older, we get wiser. Sad to say, wisdom isn’t valued to the degree that it should be by the youngers.

It was overcast this morning. I had this feeling that a real storm, and not just a squall, was on the way. Inevitably, when it stops, we are going to have to move it again.

It would have been a good day to stay home. Instead, we ventured out. Pete went to have his crown replaced, leaving me to shlepp books from the middle-sized storage locker to the bigger storage locker. I was about three quarters of the way done when he returned.

The U-Haul clerks are always slow when assigning storage units. They blame it on the computer system. I have learned to be patient and every so often make jokes. This has worked in our favor.

I also talked with them about the storm damage. Now it is beginning to seem as though everyone has a similar story. I have heard it so often that I now know what plumbers do. A few weeks of hands-on training and I could do what they do.

Next, Pete and I went to Trinity Lutheran Church and met Dana who runs the place. He showed us the office space, which he is donating to the cause. It’s a big, well-lit room. The only drawback is that we have to go up a flight of stairs in order to get the books to the room. But we can do this. And who knows? Maybe another, downstairs room will open up.

Dana and Pete also talked the talk about building structural damage.

Today I also made an appointment for my dental implant consultation. My one tooth, the one in which the tooth is being reabsorbed, is now needing to be pulled. The fractured tooth, less so. But having made this appointment, for next Monday, I am feeling a little less anxious. I just have to think about the day after the teeth are pulled, how much better I will feel.

I put this off for a long, long time. But now is the time to bite the bullet and have the work done. My ability to think things through is also being affected.

Yes indeed, it’s all good. I’m going to use this as my mantra.

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