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January 5, 2022: Chin Up

I came up with an analogy this morning – it was that Pete and I are two horses, pulling the same cart. Some days one or the other of us pulls harder. He generally pulls harder in the evenings, and I pull harder in the morning. At midday we both pull equally hard.

Pull, pull, pull, it’s all we do. I could use a break from pulling – I’d like to be unhooked from the cart and just be allowed to roam around for a bit, without the weight of that overloaded cart behind me.


I really felt this way last night. Pete went to bed, he said he was taking a nap, at 7:30 p.m. I thought, who takes a nap at 7:30 p.m.? I had no one to talk to about this with because he was soon asleep and the phone and the internet were again out.

Instead, I did what I had to do – took care of feeding all the animals and finished picking up the horse poop. I had slacked off because of the high winds, which had abated some. I had to crawl into the back of the truck, untie the gasoline containers, pull the 50-pound bag of goat chow out of the truck, wrestle it into the sled, haul it to the goat shed, and lift it into the trash can.

I would not have done this, but Swampy was out of food. She was glad to again get a full ration. Right then I sat down on the milking stand bench and I cried. I didn’t really have the time to do this because I then I had to milk Swampy. This is one of Pete’s least favorite chores.

Pete got up around 10 p.m. and watered all the animals.

Today I was tired from yesterday. But I did go to town and I did start sorting through the books in the U-Haul storage unit. It is way more fun to do this at the Meeting House when of course there is heat and water. It was cold in the storage area – and this alarm kept going off, every fifteen minutes or so for thirty seconds. It was ear piercing.

I had to unload the heavy boxes off the pallet, sort them, and then put them back in the storage unit. I went through about 20 boxes, I have over 100 boxes left to go. Milena was supposed to come and give me a hand but never showed.

The other one who pulls the cart did give me a hand packing up and distributing books, for which I was very grateful. We have a really good time sorting books together.

And it was fun, seeing and talking about the wind damage in the town of Palmer. Area businesses took a big hit, no pun intended. Mostly signs were blown out, although I was told that there was also plenty of water damage.

All I can now say is that tomorrow will be another day.

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