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February 6, 2022: Mediating Between the Inner and Outer Landscape

I took all four horses for lengthy walks today, pretty much on the same route, on the loop roads, and then out onto the trails. It was overcast, temperatures in the 20s. It also snowed on and off all day, lightly. Pete took the dogs for a cross-country ski.

I sometimes wonder what the neighbors think when they see me and the horses, walking along slowly, seemingly deep in thought. I suspect that they don’t think at all.

So what was I thinking today? Just random thoughts. I of course thought about the horses and how well they are doing. Hrimmi nipped a neighbor’s gloved fingers today – she was wanting a treat. This made me think that I need to forewarn people when we stop, to step back, and tell them that I will require Hrimmi to do the same.

I also thought about the downed cottonwood, the one that I hoped would block trail access for perpetuity. No such luck – They have been hacking away at it; however, he has yet to have gotten that far. Brush is adjacent to the trail and some of the smaller branches are now on the ground.

I also thought about the fact that the Snowmobilers who discovered Pete’s cross country ski trail made a shortcut onto the lower portion of Siggi’s Trail, near Raudi’s Runway.

I also thought some about the widow maker tree that’s up the trail a bit from the cottonwood tree, and I speculated as to when it might come down. My prediction is next winter.

I also thought about yesterday’s interview with Alaska Daily News Reporter Emily Messner and additional things I might mention to her. For instance, I neglected to tell her that Sarah Welton donated space at the Meeting House, and that this made it possible for us to continue to sort, categorize, clean and distribute books.

I also thought about the book project some and wondered if there will be a time in which the local citizenry will have their fill of books.

I also thought some about the fact that the light’s coming back and so, like today, I can get all horses out and not have to get going on any given day until noon.

And I thought some about the article that I’m working on, on the subject of recycling and reuse. I finally decided that I made an admirable distinction between the two.

I also thought about the fact that writers Joan Didion and John McPhee are often, when the subject of literary journalism is brought up, lumped together. Didion died a few weeks ago. McPhee is still kicking but he is getting up there.

This, what I wrote, is nonfiction not fiction. I really did think about these things. Honest to dog I did.

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