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December 29, 2022: A Bright and Sunny Day

I deliberated last night as to whether I should go to town and distribute books and pick up a book, or if I should just stay put. I went to sleep thinking I’d let the weather determine what I’d do. I figured if it was nasty out, I’d stay home. I didn’t consider what I’d do if the weather was good.

This morning, at 7:30 a.m. I looked out the window and saw a dark storm front, one shaped like a huge flying saucer, to the west. I got up, and took care of the animals. The storm front dissipated as I scooped poop.

The sunrise brought with it sunny weather, and a bit of heat. I decided for this reason to stay put. I cleaned the goat and chicken pens, taking advantage of the warmer weather. The soiled bedding sticks to the shed floor in cold weather, the opposite being the case in warmer weather.


Tyra on road

Nevertheless, it took a while before I got the job done since I had to haul the bedding (in the sled) up behind the hoop house. And, Sassy, who insisted on riding in the sled, was added weight. I took several loads up before Pete put sand on the driveway – this reduced the odds of my falling down.

I got the horses out after eating lunch. Pete walked Raudi (for a bit) and I walked Hrimmi. Pete and I did (as we call it) the review of the hood while both horses barged ahead.

I traded horses with Pete on the upper road because Raudi was super bargy. I told him I was going to let her go, to which he said that this was not a good idea.

I didn’t say anything, I just unclipped the lead. Raudi stayed with me for a bit, then when I stuck out my arm and called her, she came trotting back to me. I alternated having her on and off lead, on lead in going by neighbor’s places, for fear she might head up their driveways.

When finally, we got around the corner, I released Raudi who took off at a full gallop, in the direction of our driveway. Pete then released Hrimmi, who took off after Raudi. The two turned into the driveway entrance, then seeing as the gate was closed, turned back onto the road, and (again) at a full gallop, raced back to us.

Of course, I rewarded them, by telling them they were good, petting them, and giving them treats.

I was really pleased with how both horses did, particularly Raudi who early on in life would do as she pleased. She still does as she pleases, but she is now attuned to me. This is the difference between being trained and being educated. An educated horse, and mine fit this bill, will of their own volition, stick close to their owners when they are loose.

I next took Tyra out by herself. She was as attuned to me as were the other two.

As I thought as I was pen cleaning, I made a good decision, staying put at home today.

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