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December 15, 2022: Storms Rising

This winter has moved in with a vengeance. No one, particularly me, expected to have to deal with three major snowstorms before January. The question is, what’s ahead for January, February, and March?

Today, I shoveled snow, focusing on the pathways I use to get to the animals and around the gates that lead to their enclosures. I scooped the poop that was on the surface of the snow. The rest will surface in the next few days when the mares kick it up.

Add to my woes, we had a fall and summer in which rain predominated. I haven’t done any agility in over a year.

For me, this could pose a long-term problem. I have not done any lengthy rides on any of my horses in over a year. And I don’t foresee doing any lengthy rides in the next year.

Path to goat shed

We get one decent month, mid-August to mid-September and this month it isn’t safe to ride because of the hunters. They are a rather selfish, and with guns in their hands, dangerous bunch.

I feel that it isn’t fair to the horses, to spend their lives in their small enclosure, for this is not what they were bred to do. I sometimes see photos of Icelandic horses, running in large groups, down the countryside roads, and I think of what my horses are missing.

To add to my woes, we are getting low on hay again. I suspect that we’ll end up paying top dollar for whatever is available.

Pete says that we can’t move because we would then be financially strapped. This makes perfect sense to me.

Last night I had a dream about moving and after, what remained was the feeling of indecision. This feeling was below the surface of my consciousness but surfaced and stayed with me all day.

Another reason for not leaving is the book project. We are on the verge of getting a building to house the books, and land for a literacy center. Who would be the executive director if I left? A tough question indeed.

In both instances, I have to come up with a long term plan. Imagine it, and it comes to be. My plan then, as far as I can figure, is this – find individuals who can run the book project and literacy center in my absence. In time, turn it over to them. Also, find a place in the Lower 48 in which I can keep the horses, and have someone take care of them in my absence. This place has to have trails, a ready source of hay and water, and not be in an area that has a high fire danger.

I suppose I could be here in the summer and down there in the winter. But I’m not sure about summer riding here.

Dunno. What I do know is that I have a lot to think about.

A tough day, thinking about all of this. The sun did shine today, crept just above the horizon and cast long shadows. And the plow went by. So tomorrow I may get out for a walk.

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