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December 13, 2022: More Snow Forthcoming

I predicted heavy snowfall here this winter. My very sound reasoning was that we got a lot of rain this past summer and fall, so we’d get a lot of snow this winter. The reason is that the ocean is warming, so there is more moisture in the air.

The up sides to having heavy snowfalls is that it is quite beautiful, especially at night. Then with the headlight on, the snow on the ground sparkles. I also enjoy cross country skiing.

The down sides are, first of all, that I am not adept at driving in it, particularly after it’s dark, so I have to do as I did today, and carpool with Pete. Also, I have to trudge through it in order to get to the animals, who need food and water. And the poop is hard to find, meaning that when it surfaces, poop scooping will take considerable time.

It did snow some today, but the National Weather Service is predicting more, tomorrow. Pete is done with classes – he does have an eye appointment tomorrow (he has a floater, one I named Sam), so afterwards, we won’t have to go anywhere.

I have not distributed books and checked in on the bookcases in some time. I’m okay with this. We are providing people with free books, so they can wait.

And right now, the real estate wheels are starting to turn. We have our sights set on purchasing main street property in Palmer – this will be an absolutely ideal location for distribution. We’ll be applying for grants, staggering sums of money as far as I’m concerned. Pete and my feelings about this do seem to be feeding off of one another, and in a positive way.

Pete and I do best when we have a mutual project.

All day today, from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I categorized and sorted books at the Meeting House. Every so often, I’d peer out the curtains and check to see if it was snowing. I wanted it to keep on snowing, out of a lifelong habit. It did stop and Pete came and picked me up at 7 p.m. The roads were by then clear, so the drive home was uneventful.

Sassy and Swampy are now together in the same enclosure. I had been putting Sassy in a separate enclosure at night because Ranger and Swampy pushed her outside. She’d now have no place to go because the snow is blanketing what we call the doghouse.

I have, when tending to the animals, anticipated seeing Tinni. Now it’s a double whammy because I also anticipated seeing Ranger. He was eye level to the enclosure door – I’d always see him first. I am glad that he did have his say in some recent dispatches.

Pete said something nice on the drive home, and this was that both Tinni and Ranger were long-lived because we practiced good animal husbandry.

I will, however, always think that I could have done more for them.

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