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February 3, 2022: A Conversation with Sastrugi

Alys: Hello Sastrugi, how are you today?
Sastrugi: Baaaah.
A: What does this mean?
S: Baaaah.
A: Can’t you speak in complete sentences?
S: Baaaaaaah.
A: Oh, so you don’t want to speak in complete sentences. How about partial sentences?
S: Baah.
A: I guess that’s a partial sentence.
S: Baaaaaaah. Baaah. Baaaah.
A: And that’s three sentences strung together. Very well, I understand you to the extent that you understand me.

Sassy, Ranger, & Swampy follow Alys up the hill

S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: Very good.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: Again, very good. What do you think about this weather?
S: Blaaaah.
A: My sentiments exactly. Here, another cold and blustery day. It’s too bad that your pen is up on the hill next to the house because the wind is much stronger.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaah.
A: I know, I know, and the windows on your shed have blown out and have not yet been replaced.
S: Baaaaaaaah.
A: Pete will replace them soon. Today he purchased red tape and is going to insulate your water bucket although I must say that we’ve both done a very good job swapping out the water.
S: Baaah.
A: I suspect that you are wondering what happened. You were born last spring and had several months of sunshine. And you grazed on the green grass. You also had your buddies to play with and so life was good. Then you came here, and it was suddenly cold and snowy. And because you are so small, you’ve had to spend a goodly amount of time in your pen, alone.
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: Yes, obviously, I do understand. I do get you out twice a day when I tend to the horses.
S: Baaah.
A: And yes, your buddy in the horse enclosure is Tinni. You know, he really does enjoy your company.
A: Yes, the mares do bully him. This is why I keep him separate from them.
S: Baaah.
A: Your name is Sastrugi. Do you know what this means?
S: Baah.
A: You should know by now. That you don’t is okay. Sastrugi refers to the ripples of snow that appear on the ground after a storm.
S: Baaaaah.
A: You think I should change your name?
S: Baaaah.
A: Well, you have a few names, another of which is Sassyfrass.
S: Baaaah.
A: And I do call you Sassy for short.
S: Baaaaaah.
A: Yes, right now Sustrugi is most fitting.
S: Baaaaah.
A: Don’t fret. Although your name is a winter term, winter won’t last forever. Have you noticed that the days are now getting longer?
S: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
A: You haven’t noticed? You need to be somewhat more observant.
S: Baaaah.
A: You ask, what are our future plans? You mean me and you?
S: Baaah.
A: Well, I would like to do goat agility with you. In the Playground of Higher Learning.
S: Baaaaaah.
A: You are asking if we are going to breed you?
S: Baaaah.
A: I do not know. Let’s wait until spring and figure it out then.
S: Baaaah.
A: Good, you like my plan. Trust me, the weather will again change for the better.

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