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December 9, 2022: Where the Wind Don’t Blow so Strange

Sunny and cold. I would almost prefer it to be warmer and snowing. Yeah, after the snow needs to be dealt with. But the warmer weather is easier on Ranger. Wind, I can always do without. At least the wind turbine is history, it used to shriek so loudly that it bothered Jim, who lived a quarter and a mile away.

Tonight we came home – we were out all day. I went and looked at Ranger who was lying our flat, with his eyes half open and twitching. I ran inside the house and said to Pete to get him a blanket, he was dying.

Pete followed me back into the shelter. I went over to Ranger and felt him. He was warm. I then hovered over him. He looked at me and followed me with his eyes. No, he was not dead. Pete and I got him up onto his feet and he immediately began drinking his slurpee.

What I’m giving him is not making him any less hungry. This could be because the mixture has no fat in it. I need to find some barley and start sprouting it. This would be good for the horses and for the goats.

First even at VCRS

So, as of tonight, Ranger is still with us. I think we’re okay, just so long as the temperature doesn’t drop into the single digits.

It was, as expected, a very hectic day. Went to drop off books at the Palmer Senior Center and discovered that it was closed. Went to the Meeting House and discovered that it was open. I know how to finesse the lock.

I immediately resumed getting books ready for the so-called “event.” I had the kids’ and young adult books on one side of the table and the pulp fiction, hard covered fiction, and nonfiction on the other. I pulled the Alaskana books off the shelves and put them on the pulp fiction, hard covered fiction, nonfiction table. Pete started looking up the various Alaskana books, checking to see if they are on the shelves at the Mat-Su Library. He will turn the books that are not, over to Craig, the college librarian.

Build it and they will come – most of those I invited showed up and took books. I estimate that we parted company with four boxes of books. We distribute more books than we pass out at events. However, the public relations value of these sorts of gatherings is well worth the time and trouble involved in setting up and then putting away books.

My friend Timothy came – we talked about giving books to people and decided that those who are good at this know their audience. Timothy picked out sheet music type books for his friend who is an organist at a local church. What most frustrates me is that because books are in bins, I’m not always able to find what it is people request.

Someday this will change. I’ll have a larger space to work in and be more organized. Someday.

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