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February 2, 2022: Groundhog Day

One of my favorite movies of all times is Groundhog Day. Bill Murray ends up taking a news assignment, one in which he is to determine whether or not the groundhog sees its shadow. He, in subsequent days, relives this initial day, each day repeating itself. In order to move on with his life, he must “get it right.”

I think of this movie often, as I consider the possibility inherent to being stuck in a single day’s time, one in which I attempt, day after day, to “get it right.” Maybe this is because, as of late, my days seem to have a repetitive aspect to them.

Shadow on Siggi's Trail

I seem to be now doing the same thing most days, with some variation here and there. I schlep books, moving them here, moving them there, trying to make good use of available space. I often think that once I accept the fact that I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and am mildly (very mildly) autistic, that I will be able to move on. Move on would entail passing on this project to another; someone who is themselves denying the fact that they suffer from the very same maladies.

Ahh, the fact that one day does follow another, and that there are slight variations on the book theme, keep me from becoming too anxious about being caught in a Murray-esque scenario.

I had hoped to stay at home today, and maybe see my own shadow. This was not to be. I had to box up books for Friday’s trek to the airport. Presumably, these books are going to an alternative high school in Barrow, Alaska. We’ll see if all goes as planned because I’m not the only one who has a say in when they go. I may just have to cool my heels for a bit.

Bill Schmidtkunz and I met at the Meeting House, and he assisted me in boxing up three boxes of outgoing (this means very happy) books. We talked at length about the project. He’s now pretty much the head distributor/bookcase manager. I wasn’t at first, but I’m now okay with this. My Bright Lights Book Project plate is now full to overflowing.

After, I went to the U-Haul storage unit and boxed up the seven remaining boxes of books. This was easier than I thought it would be to do. I have this problem in which the simplest of things is usually extremely difficult.

After, I did some major macro organizing. I sorted the VCRS, duplicate, and individual boxes of books into now easily locatable areas. That I was able to do this means there are now fewer boxes in the storage locker.

At the working day’s end, 5:30 p.m., I looked at my handiwork and decided that I am now at the end of the U-Haul catacomb, meaning that, yes, the books will be out of there by February 26. I will, of course, then celebrate this.

Groundhog Day – you never know, but I am hoping that I don’t have to relive today tomorrow, because I don’t relish having to do one or more days in which I again have to “get it right.”

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