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November 25, 2022: Still More about the Same

Six inches of snow fell last night and this morning. It was warm enough that I was able to appreciate it. But, once again, I thought, snow, like puppies, is for children. This is because adults have to raise the pups and deal with the snow.

I had planned to assist Pete in snow removal. He was going to do the plowing and I was going to do the shoveling. The compulsive obsessive person in me was actually looking forward to this. However, it never came to be.

Pete and I went for a ride, almost immediately after breakfast. Almost immediately. There is never an immediately with us. We got Tyra and Hrimmi out. Now’s the time to break trail, otherwise, we won’t be able to trail ride again.

Moving snow

I was dressed for the occasion, warm hat, mittens, and mukluks. I guess that I was focused on my extremities. Not so my legs. I wore long underwear and jeans. Jeans are made of cotton and cotton is rotten. The best one can do when they realized they have erred in such instances is to grin and bare it.

Pete had to stop and pee. I knew that I’d get even colder if I stopped, so I kept going. Hrimmi didn’t know this, and if she did, she would not have cared. So in leaving Pete and Tyra behind, she kept stopping. I attempted to keep her going, with my crop in my left hand. She kept turning to the right. Thwap, thwap, thwap. I re-injured my left shoulder, again, and this is not a redundancy.

It was for this reason that I was unable to (as planned) shovel. I instead came inside and took care of small things around here. In other words, I puttered. It isn’t even worth recounting what I did. The problem of course, with doing any kind of indoor stuff, is that after it’s hardly noticeable. And that which isn’t noticeable gets undone pretty quickly.

I felt very restless, being inside all day.

The only plus was that I had time to think about things, something that I have not been able to do as of late. I decided that faith is like hope, in that it’s a wish or a desire. However, faith and the concept of a higher power go hand-in-hand. Those who believe in faith believe that if they pray, the higher power will right that which is wronged.

I suspect that if you tallied all the prayers that were answered, and all the prayers that weren’t answered, you’d discover that the percentage of answered prayers is far, far less than those that were answered. Sitting around and praying is thus, a panacea.

And really, is that which answers these prayers being selective? Of course. And so, if you don’t get what you want, the reasoning is that you didn’t pray hard enough. Either that, or you weren’t deserving.

Jane Goodall, in her book Reason for Hope makes a strong argument for faith, not hope based reasoning. So her book should have been entitled Reason for Faith.

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