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November 23, 2022: The Lone Ranger

Ranger said this morning that he needed to blog. I explained to him that I wanted to continue with the line of thought that I began with yesterday. He then said that yesterday is now an illusion. I replied that this was pretty astute, given that he’s a goat. I knew by his expression that he had me, and that I had no choice but to concede that the day’s dispatch was his.

Alys told Tyra her ideas about hope, and living for the moment, and about the past and future being an illusion, and Tyra explained them best as she could, to me. I don’t fully understand this, but my refuting Alys did get me what I wanted, which was to compose today’s blog.

I felt justified, particularly after she told me about what she wrote yesterday, about connecting with people. She had used enough examples, had enough detail, meaning she didn’t need to elaborate today. She can also continue with her line of thought another time.

From Raudi's Story

The weather’s been rather bleak here, and we’ve gotten hardly any snow to speak of. Snow is okay. I like walking around in the tunnels, particularly the maze like tunnels in the horse pen. But I do not like the cold. I’m now on the thin side, and if it gets too cold, I may have to check out. But like Alys, I am envisioning a warm, sunny, and grassy spring, as are Swampy and Sassy.

I’m in relatively good health. I’ve lost weight and I am ravenous. Alys has been considering giving me some of the same supplements that she’s been giving the horses, and I think this is a good idea.

Every day now, Pete and Alys tend to Raudi’s injury. Alys stands at Raudi’s head and doles out the trees, and Pete cleans and irrigates the wound. Alys visibly relaxes when Pete tells her it’s looking good. Then Raudi relaxes.

Alys has educated us all using positive reinforcement techniques. She used to use the clicker, which is a quick yes signal. Now she uses her tongue. She inadvertently taught Raudi to lift her right rear leg when Pete worked on her. Her timing was off, and she was reinforcing this rather than her standing still. Alys and Pete both took note of this and began rewarding the stand still. That old mare caught on really quickly, let me tell you.

I’m looking forward to Alys’s working more with us all. She said she needs more time. How come she doesn’t have time now? What gives? All I know is that she takes off in her car sometimes pretty early (early around here is 11:00 a.m.) and gets home near dark. I suspect that her going has something to do with what’s in the back of her car – books, Tyra tells me.

Raudi wrote a book. It has pictures of all the horses, and one picture of me and Rover.

Oh oh, I am told that I have reached my word limit. I wish I could get my own blog. This would take care of the problem.

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