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November 21, 2022: You Go Grrrrrrrrrrl

You are taking note of the fact that others are taking note of the book project. The metaphor of Frankenstein now seems most apt. You created a monster that now has a life of its own. All you have to do is make sure that you keep it moving in the right directions when it is up and about.

You need to reread Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Today was another one of those days that you woke up feeling overwhelmed. And you said to yourself before you headed to town, “Got a lot to do. I will be amazed if I accomplish all I set out to do.” The hurdle before you looked large. But once over, it looked small.

It reminded you of running the low hurdles in high school. This was a very stupid idea because you didn’t have the needed leg length. You’d come to a hurdle in practice and competitions and rather than go over it in one smooth stride, you instead hopped over it. You would have liked to do the high jump, but again, all you knew how to do was hop over it. You couldn’t imagine flinging your body over the jump.

The pole vault – no one encouraged you do this, a good thing because this would have been a good way to get hurt really bad. Still, the idea of being airborne appeals to you.

You, of course, only competed in the low hurdles one year – but after, and not surprisingly, the analogy of measuring your accomplishments in relation to this object stuck with you.

So yes, today looked like a fairly formidable venture. You had a new bookcase to fill, and several others to stock. You also had to get books ready for tomorrow, for the Senior Center. And you had to begin sorting and categorizing the books that came in from Talkeetna last Friday and the books that came in from the recycling center last Saturday. Yes, that was one honking large hurdle that you had to deal with.

Add to this, your back is getting better – your left shoulder took the brunt of the fall when you came off Raudi. However, a few more day’s rest would have speeded up the healing process.

You entered the Meeting House, and you got down to work, first putting the boxes of books full of cookbooks into smaller bins, then loading them into your vehicle. You also packed up some quilting books, and some fishing lure books. Add to this, some fiction and nonfiction.

This load comprised your first carload. After, you went back and filled it with a second load, which you further distributed.

There was considerable affirmation today – there always is when you distribute books at Vagabond Blues, a local café and business outlet. Everyone seems grateful to be getting the books – and as you reminded yourself, they’re good books. One woman even thanked you for putting out copies of Lapham’s Quarterly.

The hurdle, you thought at the day’s end, it really was not as formidable as you thought.

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