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November 8, 2022: Vote Goat

Today was election day. I thought about a few years back, when I organized the marching muckers – and we participated in a local parade. There were two goats pulling a cart, and signs on the cart said Vote Goat.

Today was election day. The votes are coming in. Lots of talk about election fraud. Everyone seems tense. I had hoped to get over to the borough building, but I ended up sorting books all day, for the upcoming Friday open house at the Meeting House.

This morning Ranger the Goat was coughing quite a bit. Unlike Tinni, who lost the bright look in his eyes, Ranger was very bright eyed and glad to see me. He sticks his head up over the gate in a very loving way, every morning.

If he were to die, I would miss this, miss him. But he did stop coughing once he was out and about a bit.

Ranger at gate

People raise goats for meat and then eat them. I find this hard to comprehend. How can it be, that anyone would eat something as enthusiastic and loving as a goat? In some cases, those who eat goats have no idea that they truly love us. It’s a form of betrayal, whether or not we name them.

Vote Goat. If goats were elected to office, the world would truly be a better place. Imagine them in Congressional and Senate chambers, clambering over the furniture and eating supposedly important documents. They would be on a 24-hour channel, bringing great joy to the viewers. Yes, we need a goat channel.

In thinking of this, I am feeling even more resolute about my pro-animal stance. Whales, goats, elephants, endangered species, they need us to step up to the plate and protect them.

Today, as I was cleaning books, I remarked to Lois (who was also cleaning books) that she should make a family donation to Heifer International. Heifer International buys animals for needy livestock owners. Lois told me that one year, her mother brought the entire family a water buffalo. Imagine that, giving the gift of a water buffalo. I guess that the family learned what country it was that got this gift, but little else.

I hope that the money that’s gifted to Heifer International and like organizations doesn’t go for administrative costs, but rather for the purchase of animals. Yes, they do have administrative costs, but maybe like the Bright Lights Book Project they’re a nonprofit and get money from other sources to pay for their overhead costs.

Perhaps this year I will purchase a goat and it will be in Ranger’s name. I wonder if I can do this. Too bad that they don’t give out pictures of the gifted animals – I would then show it to Ranger. This would be a great way for his legacy to live on.

I suppose if I want to know more, I could call Heifer International. I do, so I will.
Making the world a better place, one goat at a time.

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