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November 6, 2022: The beginning of Winter?

It seems like yesterday, it was May, I was riding our trails and seeking out cottonwoods, so I could take in the smell. Where does the time go? How come we aren’t given two or three times as much time as we have?

There was a time when the average lifespan was less than 35 years. We humans were then given hardly any time at all to accomplish what we set out to do. Maybe, just maybe, the more time we are given, the more we squander it away. In this respect, it’s like money. The question, when you are dealing with excessive amounts, is what do you do with what you have?

Hrimmi moving

If you have a lot of money, you spend it on clothes, multiple boats, airplanes, and houses. But what if you don’t have an interest in those things? I suppose then you buy a stable of racehorses, or a basketball, baseball, or football team.

And you have to pay a staff to maintain your possessions. Or you hire someone to deal with the staff. And of course, you have to make sure the person you hire is reputable.

The more money you have, the more complicated life gets. And also, stressful.

It could be this way if one is also very poor. On Craigs List tonight, a fellow who is living in his car is wanting to find a home for his dog. The dog looks like it has a lot of Pitbull in it. He shows a picture of the dog tied to the back of the car. He says in his ad that he’s having to buy gas in order to keep his vehicle warm.

Maybe someone reading his ad will reach out and give him an assist. Maybe they’ll do this by taking on his dog until he gets a job and gets on his feet again.

His life, like that of a rich person, is most likely complicated and stressful.

The middle ground is just plain boring. You earn enough to keep the show on the road, no more, no less.

Those in the middle now complain a great deal because they claim they don’t have enough money to pay their food, utility, and vehicle bills. They have money to do this; what they don’t have is extra money for fun things.

My thoughts turn inward like this as the darkness descends. This year, daylight savings time fell on November 6th. The only way I can remember how this works is by bringing the adage to mind, spring ahead and fall behind. We got an extra hour of sleep this morning and of course took full advantage of it. Now we’ll have more daylight in the morning and less daylight in the evenings. It is like cutting one end off the apron and sewing it on the other. I’d rather have the daylight in the evenings, but I have no say about such matters.

If I was rich, maybe I would.

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