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November 3, 2022: The Outer and Inner Landscapes

I start many of my dispatches with ruminations about the weather; then I write what I’m thinking about this. It’s then a hop and a leap to other things. This is because my inner and outer landscapes are inextricably linked.

Today, heavy snow. Now using the headlight in the mornings, because it’s dark at 8:30 a.m. It was the first day of using the sled to pick up poop. The manure was difficult to find because it had been dispersed in the snow. Hard, so early in the winter year, to think that nature is giving me a break because I’ll be picking up twice the usual amount in a few days.

Compost station

I hauled the sled up the hill and emptied it behind the hoop house. The pit there has finally been filled in so by the end of this winter we’ll have a manure mound. The worms will appreciate the extra layers of manure and bedding. This year I am again going to plant potatoes. I did a half-ass job last spring and got three-quarters of a bucket.

Bill said he’ll take next year’s manure. It’s a good system – he gets some, we put some in the compost station, and the rest goes up the hill.

As I’ve said, whenever I talk to anyone who is thinking of getting horses, I tell them first to come up with a manure management system. Ours evolved, to a large part because we didn’t realize just how much horses shit.

I like picking up after the horses – it’s then time for me to access how they are doing. This is how I knew that Tinni was sick. If I hadn’t gone out to do the morning pickup, I would not have known he was ill.

This was, today, my outer landscape. As for my inner landscape – eh, I have a lot going on in my head.

My ear canals are itchy. Both of them. This sort of condition is almost laughable. Almost. I am refraining from scratching them, and this is quite difficult. I just want to get a paperclip and scratch to my heart’s content. But I know that this will make things worse.

I’m doing deep breathing exercises and rubbing my ears, so as to stimulate my ting points. And at the same time thinking about other things. Today I got Bea Adler’s books ready for the Menard Center Craft Fair, and I got Sarah Welton’s books ready for the upcoming open house. Once again, I moved books around. This takes a lot of time.

All I wanted to do was stop and scratch my ears. Now I know how dogs feel. Spaniels, with their long ears, have it really bad. Imagine trying to get a paw into an ear like that. Conversely, German Shepherds have it easy.

Dogs can clean their butts with their mouths. Humans have to clean theirs with their hands. I’m glad that my butt is not itching. Thank dog for small favors.

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