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October 26, 2022: Ranger and Alys Butt Heads

Alys: Ranger, how are you doing?
Ranger? Why do you ask?
A: Because I care about you.
R: I think you are lying through your teeth.
A: Why are you talking this way?
R: Last night, I was already to write my blog, and you intervened and wrote a dispatch.
A: Ranger, I never said that your posting blogs was going to be a regular thing.
R: I thought it was a given. Here I came up with two very wonderful 500 plus word blogs, and you stepped in and, in pushing me aside, said no more.

Ranger and Rover

A: No, I just stepped in and did what I usually do.
R: Yes, stepped in and pushed me aside. You also have done this to Raudi and to Shadow.
A: Well, you all will get the chance to do what you all do so well in the near future.
R: Do you want to give us dates?
A: No.
R: Why not?
A: Because I can’t seem to think any further ahead than the next day.
R: So, do I get to post a blog tomorrow?
A: No. If anything, I’ll give the other animals a turn.
R: Well, you need to take into consideration that I, of all the animals, am the best writer.
A: Wait. Yesterday you wrote about being castrated. Do you honestly think that’s something that’s going to keep our reader’s interest?
R: Yes.
A: Sorry, I don’t think so.
R: You are a very narrow minded editor.
A: Ranger, there are three, count ‘em, three blog readers that I know of. All are very open minded individuals. However, goat castration isn’t something that any of them would voluntarily read about.
R: Okay. So I missed the mark. I will, the next time, write about the importance of companionship, using my past herd mates as an example.
A: Yawn.
R: You must be tired.
A: A yawn, in human terms, also denotes boredom.
R: You are really rude.
A: Dude, you are rude and lude.
R: You know, when Rover and I bred with Peaches, we were gentle and kind.
A: Uhh, Maybe gentler and kinder than some. But it was an instance of wham bam thank you ma’am.
R: That’s not what I remember.
A: You remember what you want to remember.
R: You too.
A: I’m going to change the subject.
R: So I have no say about future writings.
A: Nope.
R: You’d better be more considerate of me because I am in the twilight of my years.
A: I am considerate of you. I make sure you have adequate food, shelter, and water. I also purchased you a goat coat, so you’ll be warm this winter.
R: And yes, I have companions.
A: What more could a goat want?
R: More blog time.
A: Let’s move on, please? For now?
R: We can move on, but this is going to remain an issue.
A: Let it be.
R: So be it, for now.

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