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October 17, 2022: Surfing the Big Waves

Analogy, metaphor, comparison – to think in such a fashion makes one’s life that much richer.

I am not by any means an experienced surfer, which is one who is practiced at shifting my weight at the right times. And, so yes, I am out of my comfort zone.

Today I surfed multiple times. The first time I dealt with health issues, specifically related to sinus concerns. I thought, as I hopped on my board, the analogy being entered the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist office, that having a very good imagination and a very poor medical background is a bad mix.

On Friday I had a CT scan at Imaging Associates. It’s not a fun place to visit because those who go there, have something amiss medically. And, after I had my scan, I had an entire weekend ahead, one in which I fretted about the outcome of my visit. Who wouldn’t? You got pain.

Something is amiss. Something will have to be done about this. That something, surgery, would involve somehow accessing my sinuses.

Pete went with me today – we had a long wait in a small windowless room while we waited to meet with Dr. Mitchell. She finally came bouncing in, and we followed her back to her office, where she pulled up my scan. She then enthused about what beautiful sinuses I had. I looked at the images, and I agreed, I did have impressive sinus cavities.

Ah, but here’s the rub – the discomfort I am experiencing is higher up. It is most likely my trigeminal nerve. I said it wasn’t bothering me much, she said to give it time, it could be healing. The alternative is to see a neurologist, who might opt to give me drugs or do surgery. I think that this is good news, for now. I have medical momentum. I’m staying ahead of the crest.

The second wave was book project related.

It was raining as Pete and I drove over to the recycling center, to pick up the books that we salvaged on Saturday. Two other pallets of books were being sorted by a VCRS volunteer. I spoke briefly with Tam, the VCRS director, and said we needed children’s books and Christmas books to send to villages and for the Nut Cracker playing in Anchorage next month. The VCRS volunteer gave us some Christmas romances and Tam gave us some children’s books. We located the BLBP project books and loaded them into the truck.

We took our haul to the Meeting House. Pete went to the post office and picked up our new dehydrator and then went shopping. I stayed at the Meeting House. I set out the children’s books for the next three days of cleaning and categorized Saturday’s haul.

It was as I was finishing up that I realized that I was, again, surfing a wave. This project, like a wave, does have momentum. I just have to go with it. This is sometimes unnerving, and sometimes exhilarating. I know now that it’s going to be some time before we get a building for the books. The momentum, it is going to enable me to keep doing what I do so well. Yes, I can hang ten.


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