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October 13, 2022: Escapees: A Conversation with Tyra

Alys: Tyra: You are the one.
Tyra: Who? What? Me?
A: Don’t play dumb.
T: I never pay dumb.
A: Except now.
T: What are you talking about?
A: I left one gate open. You walked out and opened the driveway gate.
T: What makes you think this?
A: I put two and two together.
T: And came up with the wrong number.

A: I don’t think so.
T: What did Tom tell you?
A: He said that he found you, Hrimfara, and Raudhetta down the road apiece.
T: This I cannot deny.
A: And he got a lead rope, put it on Hrimmi, led her home, and you and Raudi followed.
T: Correct.
A: He added that you went back into the pen because you were thirsty.
T: Correct.
A: So I deduced that since I closed the lower gate, that you opened it.
T: No, it was left open.
A: I am not going to accuse you of being a liar.
T: You have better not.
A: And now it’s irrelevant. But how come you all took off down the road?
T: Because we didn’t have enough to eat in the yard.
A: There’s plenty of green grass around.
T: Look closely. There’s hardly any.
A: So you went road grazing.
T: Correct.
A: This was your sole reason for doing this?
T: No. We also were really, really bored.
A: And the reason for this?
T: You’ve been really busy lately and have not been getting us out.
A: So today was a really nice day and you all figured that it was high time you went on an outing.
T: Correct.
A: Would you have come home?
T: We didn’t give it any thought then. But we were getting thirsty.
A: Did you think that a neighbor might shoot you?
T: We had no intention of going on the upper road.
A: Where were you headed?
T: We had no destination in mind.
A: Now what if I’d come home and you three were missing?
T: You’d have had to come looking for us.
A: Correct.
T: And we would have come home.
A: That’s good to know.
T: I would say that you need to spend more time with us.
A: Agreed. Tomorrow I will spend a better part of the day with you all.
T: Promise.
A: Promise. Where would you like to go?
T: I don’t have a preference. We are now all out of shape, so we ought not go far.
A: The only thing that would keep us from going on an outing is rain/snow mixed.
T: It’s in the forecast.
A: How do you know this?
T: The birds, they are weather savvy.
A: Are some birds more weather savvy than others?
T: Oh yes. The spruce hens, they haven’t a clue about anything.
A: They do a good job of raising their young.
T: It’s an example of self-perpetuating stupidity.
A: Harsh.
T: The ravens, much smarter.
A: Good to know. Want some more hay?
T: Yes please. And keep it coming.

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