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October 5, 2022: My Inner and Outer Landscape

Today was a Bright Lights Book Project ideas day. Haven’t had one of these in some time. I was on a downward spiral – I saw the bottom of the proverbial rope -- I am not yet up where I should be, but I am not spinning out of control.

I figured out today that what I most need, if I am to continue with this project, is time to think things through. Without this, it all becomes too overwhelming. The best way for me to do this, is by being with my horses, for this enables me to bring the outer landscape into focus.

The buses are gone - and so is imagination

The leaves are swirling around on the ground. They seem like they are still very much alive. And the fireweed stems are losing their fluff to the wind. Relatively quiet now that the hunters have retreated and at least temporarily hung up their MAGA hats.

Relatively. The hood is undergoing changes. Down road, the relatives have paid to have Mike’s place cleaned up. It’s a man’s playground down there these days, with men tearing down and moving out buildings and cars. I was getting ready to head out in order to take Raudi on an outing when a semi, pulling a trailer with one of the two buses went by. This, and other vehicles hit the bottom of the driveway pothole hard – wham boom, wham boom. I was glad that I wasn’t taking Raudi and the dogs in the direction of the trailhead. When I later got Hrimmi out, coming back, I saw that they were getting ready to move the second bus out. I got into the yard just in time.

I took Tyra on an expeditionary outing – we checked out Mike’s place – it’s all leveled and the debris is about gone. We checked out Yvonne’s Boy’s place – he has built quite the fortress for his very bored puppies. We barely made it to the turn onto Jim’s Road – had to deal with the three very nasty upper cabin dogs.

And we took in the new For Sale sign in front of Jim’s place. The on-line auctioneer told me that Jim’s possessions are being auctioned off now – people will be picking up their acquisitions this weekend.

We then went up Jim’s Road and observed the devastation at the road’s end. Amazing, what men can do with machines. Men, I say you’ve lost sight of something important.

That was the outer landscape. The inner landscape – I made several calls to villages this morning, six villages want a dozen boxes of books total. And I have yet to call all the places on the list.

It is not going to cost us anything to send these books to their destinations. A.B. Gottlieb, a subsidiary of Carrs’s and Albertson’s Supermarkets, is paying the tab. As I continued to look inward, I came up with a plan involving the family that’s giving me an assist with all this.

Verified, that it’s okay to be particular about volunteer help. This was, after realizing that the hood is changing, my most significant revelation.

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