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September 25, 2022: On Sunny Sunday

I’ve been reading a lot of children’s books. It’s quite interesting, many adult book authors also write kid’s books, perhaps as a way of maintaining their momentum. There isn’t much talk about working in differing genres – I think writers just do it.

I keep thinking that I should get serious about putting together a book about the Bacon Family. And soon, very soon, I am going to resume work on my book on abundance. I keep thinking that the book project is going to become less time consuming – if the building project comes through in a timely fashion, this very well could come to be.

As it is, the kids’ room at the Meeting House is now in a state of disarray, this after I spent so much time last week working on it. At least I got most of the boxes of books in order, this before the painter decided to paint the entire room, and as of yet, has failed to clean up after himself.

Alys and Tyra

I went to a church pre-meeting and gave the six in attendance an update on the building project. And I will again do this next week. After, I distributed the kids’ books I had on hand – left some in the Little Library in Bugge Park, Vagabond Blues, and Valley Hotel. This was three boxes worth. I strongly believe that the more expedient we are in getting books out, the faster they will go. It’s the best way in which to keep readers on their toes.

Came home, and Pete and I did pre-winter work around the place. He pulled beets and later blanched the greens. I put compost from the pile in buckets, to later be hauled to the hoop house. And together, we cleaned out one of the three hay sheds – moving out 33 bales that are going back to our hay dealer’s place.

Pete said that John and Ray DePriest would be cutting hay today and tedding the hay tomorrow. It hasn’t rained in three days – if it does rain tonight, they’ll just turn it over and hope for the best.

I have noticed this – Christian religions believe in hope. This is why they advocate prayer. Prayer is when you state what it is you desire to a deity, in hope that the deity will take it upon HIMself to provide you with what you are looking for. A prayer is a future hope. Buddhist and related faiths don’t believe in hope. Rather, they advocate living for the moment. You can’t pray and live for the moment.

I wish that I’d been raised in the Buddhist faith. It’s a very complex form of spirituality, and it takes years to put theory to practice. So, not this lifetime, but maybe the next.

I did get riding today – Pete suggested that we go for a ride after we cleaned out the hayshed. We took Raudi and Tyra. I felt as though a dark cloud had lifted because – today was the last day of hunting season.

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