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September 22, 2022: The Equinox

It’s now fall, the time of the fall equinox. We are now getting 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light a day. It’s all downhill now until December 21st.

I don’t drive at night because I have limited visibility, so I’m having to keep a close eye on the situation, leaving town before dusk. It’s also appearing to get darker earlier because it’s overcast. And yeah, it’s still raining; although, the sun was shining for a while this morning.

Jim's Legacy

We have three more days of hunting season. The knuckle draggers were out in force tonight; one was loading his ATV onto his trailer which was parked in the middle of the road. Such stupid, stupid people – I just don’t get it, the urge to kill – can’t they lower themselves to getting roadkill moose?

Last night I went to bed and could not get to sleep. I now see such times as time to figure out what I’m going to need to be doing when I’m again vertical. And so, I figured out what I needed to do on the book project today.

I left 20 or so boxes unopened yesterday. I also had boxes of books that I needed to go through and get ready for the Emergency Preparedness Fair. I began by cleaning the shelves in the kids’ room, then reboxing books, making what was there more compact. I also labelled boxes. Then I put the books in cardboard boxes in the black and yellow totes. I must say, this was a brilliant idea. They can now remain the car because they are protected.

The Subaru is like a boat. It gets wet inside. Pete speculated to why this is. It has something to do with water coming in through the windshield. He is going to seal the supposedly leaky area with silicon.

I distributed books before loading up the Subaru with the emergency preparedness books. The 10 bins fit nicely in the back. I have books for Dorothy Adler, the wilderness responder teacher, in the front.

I worked hard so that I don’t have to go to Palmer tomorrow. Instead, I’ll take the books that I’m mailing to Sutton. There is no line there. I have never been able to tolerate standing in line, and now the situation is worse. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I know that I don’t have much time left on this earth, and I don’t want to squander it by being in a queue.

So yeah, I’m all ready for Saturday. I hope in the future to find someone who will take on the job of events coordinator, so that I don’t have to do this. This is one of my ideas.

I’d also like to find someone who will make contacts for outgoing books. I now have a lot of experience doing this, but I still don’t like doing it. See a pattern here? I don’t enjoy doing tasks that involve direct contact with human beings.

Once an introvert, always an introvert.

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