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January 26, 2022: Forging New Trails

It is Pete’s long day at work. He will be home at 10:30 p.m. This makes Wednesdays particularly long days. His schedule is such that he gets home late on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so we get to bed late. And then we get up early.

I am usually tired on Wednesday, but for some odd reason, even more so today. Exhausted is a more descriptive word. The best I could do today was put my mind and body on auto-pilot and do what needed to be done, no more and no less.

I took Tinni for a walk on the now plowed loop. This was easy because the footing was good. The grader had also been through, so it was like walking on treads. I next got the dogs out and took them for a walk on our riding trails. This was difficult because I don’t have the right footwear for the task at hand. I have boots with cleats – they grip but because the soles are so stiff, it feel like I’m wearing concrete blocks. So today I wore my Steger mukluks. These feel good on my feet but lack grip. So I slide around more than I’d like. I have not yet found an in between boot and doubt I ever will.

Plowed Oceanview Road

I took a detour half-way through my walk. I turned onto the groomed ski/bike trail, and instantly went ahhh. I had traction and the ground was more even. I followed the trail that leads to Grizzly Camp then a half-mile out veered to the left, onto what Pete and I call Pete’s single track ski trail and what the groomers and skiers and bicyclists now call Kirby’s cut off trail. I do not know what the snowmobilers call it, and actually I don’t really care.

This portion of the trail had not been groomed nor had any snowmobilers been on it previous to yesterday’s snowfall. It was a little punchy, but my having circumvented a large portion of Siggi’s trail (which was extremely punchy) was a relief.

I in fact, I was so relieved that I finally took note of the outer landscape – the freshly fallen snow clung to the branches and weighed them down. I repeatedly knocked the snowfall off of the branches and told the trees how much I cared about them.

The dogs had taken off but met up with me the near the trailhead next to the road.

I, who felt slightly energized, next took Hrimmi out and took her for a walk on what I called the abbreviated trail. I would have taken Raudi and Tyra out, but by then it was getting late. I instead used the remaining daylight hours and cleaned the pen. As always, Little Sassy kept me company while I scooped poop. This was a more onerous task than usual because the poop that was covered by yesterday’s snowfall had finally surfaced.

I came inside and commended myself for having gotten the dogs and ponies out. I am hoping that tomorrow I feel a bit more energized.

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