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September 15, 2022: And again, Rain

One day with no rain – got spoiled. This morning I got Tinni out before it again began to pour. Been raining ever since. Tinni isn’t coughing and all the animals can hole up in their shelters if they choose to do so.

My favorite old testament story – in fact the only one I know of, is Noah’s Ark. I do believe it. This guy built a boat and the animals came and boarded it, two by two. This was except for fish. The birds, they hung out on the rails of the boat. This may not have been a world wide rainstorm, but rather localized. It is hard for me to imagine that many animals in one boat.

The one’s that boarded, boarded voluntarily, knowing full well that they had to get along with the other animals. Noah and his wife and son, they played a lot of cards and shoveled a lot of poop.

Now if God told Pete to build an ark, he would first grouse about his sore shoulder, then get on it. I’d lay out straw on all three decks and make sure that there were enough water buckets, and that they were in the right places.

We would have a small ark, it would hold us, our four horses, three goats, three chickens, and two dogs. We’d also stock it with provisions – we are fortunate in that we have enough home grown food to last us at least a year. This ark, will, when done, resemble the interior of our place. In fact, the only difference between living on an ark and living in this house will be that an ark will float.

We who are familiar with the previous story would figure that we too would be out at sea for 40 days. As it is, we have gotten more than 40 days of continuous rain.

My imagination is enabling me (no pun intended) to keep my nose above water. I’ve been down there lately, metaphorically speaking, with the bottom feeders, hoping that a huge trawler boat doesn’t scoop me up.

Today I started back on the upward spiral. I just have seen no end to the books coming in, and thus no end to my getting them out. Every time I turn around, someone else has books to donate. It is pretty remarkable – I, and volunteers have found places for thousands of books.

So today I was in the Meeting House, getting books ready to send out, when Bill Schmidtkunz walked in – he knew that I’ve been depressed because I told him. He had flowers in hand. We sat down at the long table and we talked – we never sit down and talk.

Being with Bill and amongst all those books, I realized that I really have no reason to be down. The books continue to go – and now we have a number of places that will take our product. And there has never been a shortage of books.

All to which I say, ahoy matey.

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