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September 12, 2022: Past, Present, and Future

It has rained. It is raining. It will rain. Our language is such that we can tell of the past, present, and future. This is because we have a prefrontal cortex. Rain, rain, rain, dogs in particular bark; this is their way of saying (if anything) it’s raining.

Another day of it. Sprinkles interspersed with heavy showers and heavy showers interspersed with sprinkles. No one even seems to be talking about it. Me, I am learning to go about my business, indoors and out. Tonight, after dinner, I took Raudi for a ride on Siggi’s Loop. It was sprinkling when I saddled her up, and/but raining heavily when I got home.

Hrimmi grzing today

Rain will soon become snow. The termination dust is falling on the peaks behind our house. The cold will creep downward and bring snow with it. We didn’t even pick all of our raspberries this year – this was partially due to a lack of time but also due to wet conditions. And I didn’t pick the saskatoons. Well, the birds are going to have a field day.

Where do the birds go when it rains for days on end? Pete and I, as we were heading to Anchorage mid-day, saw sandhill cranes heading south. I of course wished them well. I heard that because of fires right now, the air in the western part of Washington state is particularly bad. I feel bad for the birds, who if they fly into it, will become disoriented and sickened.

Our planet is dying – this is happening quite quickly, far more quickly than anyone could imagine. I wonder if I am going to be around for the tail end of it. Every time I hear of another animal species going extinct, my heart skips a beat.

Our hay situation is rather dire – we have about a month’s worth of horse hay, and a winter’s worth of goat hay. We would need for the rain to stop now, for the grass to die, and for the snow to remain on the high peaks in order for us to have enough hay for winter.

The very good news is that Tinni did not cough once today. This is a very good sign considering that it is so damp and wet out. He also seemed a lot more chipper this evening – in fact, he left his stall when the gate was open and went out on the lawn to graze. He’s been standing in with his head in the corner for the past few weeks, and I have had to coerce him to go outside using treats.

Tonight I went for a ride on Raudi – I decided rain be damned, I am just going to put on multiple layers with rain gear, and getting some riding time in. I stuck a sponge in the pouch of my reflective coat and dried off my saddle numerous times. Raudi didn’t mind the rain because we were in the trees, but I am sure that she would have preferred to be ridden in less harsh conditions.

Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day.

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