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September 10, 2022: The Weather Window

In between bouts of rain are sunny days, what I call good weather windows. I wish it was the other way, but it is now what it is. Today was a good weather window. We woke up to sunshine, and even though there were clouds at the distance, they did not move in and dump cold water on us. Thank dog for small favors and big ones.

Morning chores took longer than usual this morning because Pete had to go early to the recycling center to salvage books. After taking care of outside and inside chores I took Tinni for a walk

Alys, Tinni and, Ranger

around the loop. He coughed just once, one small hack, as we were coming up the driveway. No extended bouts, me standing next to him while he heaved away. I was really pleased about this for it appeared as though he’s on the mend.

He's getting $30.00 a bale timothy, from his own stash. This, and moving him so that he’s not in the range of the moldy hay spores, seems to be doing him some good. He has to be better before winter, or he will not survive. Yes, it does feel like a race against time.

I next went to town, did a part of my distribution route – this now includes the Little Library one street down from the Meeting House. It’s a big box, and I think well used, for the remaining books in there (I stocked it the other day) were a mess.

I then went to the Meeting House and took a quick look at the four boxes of books that Pete and Bill salvaged this morning. This was a low book week – a good thing because the sheer numbers of books that are coming in have nearly taken up all our available space.

I didn’t get much distribution done this week, so I had to put books back in the storage room because tomorrow is Sunday, church day, and the books can’t be all over the place.

I headed home and knew as I saw numerous cars coming in my direction that I was going to be held up because of construction – and I was right. I was the first and only car in line, behind me there were numerous dump trucks, some of which were allowed to go past. It didn’t make sense to me, why I was the only one in the line – but finally, after a half-hour I was allowed to go. They are only supposed to hold drivers and their vehicles for twenty minutes. Grr, grr, grr.

I was of course late for the Bright Lights Book Project Board Meeting, and also, because of the hold up and because I was late, unfocused. It was a subdued meeting because two of the board members now have Covid.

There was still plenty of daylight left, so I took Hrimmi for a beautiful fall ride. Then Pete joined me, and we got Tyra and Raudi out. I am glad that the days of my heart being in my throat when I ride are over.

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