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9/7/22: Day becomes Night

When I was a child, I had many fears. One was that I’d be buried alive. This fear was put to rest when I was told that if I was in coffin, that if I liked, I could have a string in hand, one that I’d use to ring a bell. This, I now know was nonsensical, but at the time this bell scheme lowered my high level of anxiety. I was actually anxious for a few years.

Another fear was that the sun would set then not rise the next day. This meant that we’d all be sitting around in the dark for however long it took darkness to lift. Of course, this too was nonsensical in that if the sun disappeared, we’d all freeze to death in short order.

And still yet another fear was that I’d have to have my wisdom teeth pulled. My mother (I think) made a really big deal about having hers pulled, so I figured that this was something to fear. This wasn’t nonsensical. I had an abscessed tooth pulled when I was 14 – I was put out for the procedure. When I awoke, I was told that I didn’t have to worry about having my wisdom teeth pulled because I was born without them. Lucky me, I was a statistical anomaly – only three percent of the population are this fortunate.

For years, I was downright smug about this. When I got depressed, I thought, hey, at least I won’t have to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

I didn’t think about the fact that later in life, I’d have to have other teeth pulled. In the past year in fact, I’ve had two teeth pulled.

Today, I expected to hear that I’d have to have more teeth pulled. According to Dr. Gurr, my dentist, the news was good – he did an x-ray, which indicated all my teeth are fine. Problem is, I am having pain in my sinuses. So what now? Dr. Gurr said to give it time, that most likely the bone is still healing. I suspect that this is not so. The other socket healed, so why not this one? Houston, we have problems. I will first go to my primary care physician who will refer me to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Then I will go to the ear, nose, and throat doctor.

I do not know how physicians check out a sinus cavity. I mean, what if it’s a polyp? I would like to remain ignorant about this. I already know too much about dental work. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but I have a lot of knowledge. Is more knowledge then even more dangerous? And how so?

Well, if healing does not occur in a week’s time, I will put taking care of this on my list of things to do. Sucks – at least when you have a tooth pulled, you have the option of getting the tooth. All I’m going to get out of this deal is a huge wad of mucus.

Case closed until tomorrow at this time.

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